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A Topic in European History 1: Histories of the Senses HIST407 Course
A Topic in European History 2 HIST421 Course
A Topic in Historiography 1 HIST419 Course
A Topic in Historiography 2 HIST423 Course
A Topic in NZ History 1 HIST422 Course
A Topic in Pacific History HIST403 Course
A Topic in the History of US HIST404 Course
Advanced Ethics PHIL444 Course
American Politics POLS207 Course
Analysis of International Coop INTP429 Course
Approaches to Int. Relations INTP586 Course
Approaches to Migration Studies POLS488 Course
Approaches to Poli Science POLS586 Course
Australian History HIST222 Course
Bioethics PHIL361 Course
Borders, Migrants and States POLS416 Course
China and the World INTP444 Course
Citizen Politics: Public Opinion and Elections POLS232 Course
Colonialism + Postcolonialism HIST323 Course
Comp Regional Integration INTP417 Course
Contemp Political Philosophy PHIL303 Course
Contemporary Ethical Issues PHIL106 Course
Contemporary Philosophy PHIL445 Course
Contesting Colonialism: The British Empire and the Settler Colonies HIST302 Course
Critical Global Politics INTP303 Course
Critical Thinking PHIL123 Course
Dissertation INTP593 Course
Dissertation POLS593 Course
Dissertation STRA526 Course
Early Modern Science HIST301 Course
East Asian Politics POLS203 Course
Ethical Theory PHIL302 Course
Ethics PHIL202 Course
Ethics + International Affairs PHIL264 Course
Experimental Philosophy PHIL373 Course
Foreign Policy Analysis INTP245 Course
Formal Logic PHIL421 Course
From Facism to Forza Italia HIST238 Course
Global History HIST120 Course
Governing Divided Societies POLS231 Course
Great Philosophers PHIL267 Course
Growing Pains: NZ Politics POLS353 Course
History for PhD HIST690 Course
History German-Speakng Peoples HIST248 Course
History of Migration HIST429 Course
History on Film HIST339 Course
History Thesis HIST591 Course
Human rights INTP363 Course
Human Security INTP371 Course
Identity and World Politics INTP448 Course
Int Hist: The Cold War World HIST321 Course
International Relations of East Asia INTP354 Course
International Relations Theory INTP204 Course
International Security INTP248 Course
Intl Political Economy INTP441 Course
Intl Politics of Development INTP346 Course
Intl Relations for PhD INTP690 Course
Intl. Pols. of the Environment INTP302 Course
Intr: NZ Government + Politics POLS111 Course
Intro to Comparative Politics POLS114 Course
Intro to International Reltns INTP113 Course
Intro to Political Ideas POLS112 Course
Introduction to Logic PHIL211 Course
Introduction to Security Studies INTP115 Course
Knowledge and Reality PHIL201 Course
Language and Mind PHIL442 Course
Language and the World PHIL331 Course
Logic PHIL335 Course
Logic for PhD LOGI690 Course
M?ori Historical Methods HIST203 Course
Maori + Pakeha in the C19th HIST227 Course
Maori Literature in History HIST430 Course
Media and the Modern USA HIST315 Course
Media, Politics and Campaigns POLS404 Course
Medieval and Early Modern Europe, 1000-1650 HIST201 Course
Mental Health and Disorder: Inter-disciplinary Perspectives FHSS107 Course
Metaphysics PHIL325 Course
Metaphysics and Epistemology PHIL441 Course
Mind and Cognition PHIL265 Course
Minds, Brains and Persons PHIL104 Course
MIR Thesis INTP595 Course
Mod Social + Political Thought POLS401 Course
Nat Awakening Eastern Europe HIST448 Course
New Books in Philosophy PHIL446 Course
New Histories NZ Aotearoa HIST112 Course
New Zealand Defence and Security Policy STRA533 Course
New Zealand History HIST317 Course
New Zealand in the World INTP244 Course
New Zealand Politics: Power, Equality and Diversity POLS206 Course
New Zealand Social History HIST316 Course
NZ Political History HIST249 Course
Origins of Nationalism HIST449 Course
Pacific History HIST219 Course
Paradoxes PHIL371 Course
Parliamentary Internship POLS428 Course
Peoples of the Soviet Empire HIST245 Course
Philosophical Logic PHIL422 Course
Philosophy for PhD PHIL690 Course
Philosophy of Law PHIL375 Course
Philosophy of Media & the Arts PHIL107 Course
Philosophy of Popular Culture PHIL268 Course
Philosophy of the Arts PHIL313 Course
Philosophy Thesis PHIL591 Course
Philosophy, Politics and Economics PHPE401 Course
Political Change in SE Asia POLS208 Course
Political Ideas; Action POLS432 Course
Political Leadership POLS403 Course
Political Philosophy PHIL449 Course
Political Philosophy + Int Rel INTP261 Course
Political Science for PhD POLS690 Course
Political Science Thesis POLS591 Course
Politics + the Media in NZ POLS218 Course
Politics of Internat Migration INTP430 Course
Prelude to Peace HIST338 Course
Public Relations, Communication Power and Democracy PCOM202 Course
Radicals and Revolutionaries HIST202 Course
Research Essay STRA519 Course
Research Project INTP589 Course
Research Project PHIL489 Course
Research Project INTP489 Course
Research Project POLS489 Course
Research Project POLS589 Course
Research Project HIST489 Course
Revltns, Dictators & Ideology POLS209 Course
Revolutionary Nation: Creating the USA HIST215 Course
Revolutions, Empires + Peoples HIST117 Course
Special Topic HIST234 Course
Special Topic INTP365 Course
Special Topic INTP213 Course
Special Topic STRA535 Course
Special Topic HIST329 Course
Special Topic INTP212 Course
Special Topic POLS365 Course
Special Topic STRA587 Course
Special Topic HIST235 Course
Special Topic HIST228 Course
Special Topic POLS355 Course
Special Topic POLS211 Course
Special Topic HIST327 Course
Special Topic POLS414 Course
Special Topic POLS212 Course
Special Topic POLS378 Course
Special Topic: Challenges to International Order INTP451 Course
Special Topic: Histories of the Modern Middle East HIST318 Course
Special Topic: Political Philosophy East & West PHIL309 Course
Special Topic: Political Philosophy East & West PHIL209 Course
Special Topic: Power and Influence INTP376 Course
Special Topic: Tweeting to Power: Social Media Politics PCOM304 Course
ST: Allies and Adversaries STRA536 Course
ST: China Field Study INTP378 Course
ST: China Field Study POLS418 Course
ST: Class in History HIST428 Course
ST: Cyber Security + IR INTP201 Course
ST: End of the British Empire HIST310 Course
ST: Great Powers INTP370 Course
ST: Intl Security & Law INTP250 Course
ST: Japan's Politics and FP INTP301 Course
ST: NZ Foreign + Security Poli STRA534 Course
ST: Politics of Statebuilding. INTP452 Course
ST: Politics, Sports and Arts POLS382 Course
ST: US Strategy INTP360 Course
ST: War and its Aftermath INTP427 Course
ST: War and its Aftermath POLS427 Course
Strategic Asia STRA538 Course
Strategic Studies STRA531 Course
The Big Questions PHIL105 Course
The Birth of Modern Europe HIST118 Course
The Comparative Politics of Globalisation POLS384 Course
The Holocaust and Genocide HIST332 Course
The New Europe POLS205 Course
The Pacific Islands After 1945 HIST336 Course
The Politics of Statebuilding INTP416 Course
The Politics of the Pacific Islands POLS354 Course
The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers INTP379 Course
The United States and Global Power, 1890 to Present HIST217 Course
Thesis INTP591 Course
Thesis STRA595 Course
Thesis POLS595 Course
Topic in European History 3 HIST425 Course
Topic in New Zealand History 2 HIST427 Course
Topic in Political Philosophy POLS362 Course
Transatlantic Slave Trade HIST331 Course
Transnational Activism INTP377 Course
Value Theory PHIL443 Course
War and its Aftermath INTP446 Course
Wealth and World Affairs INTP247 Course
Who Votes, Who Governs? Rethinking Political Participation and Representation POLS407 Course
Working Lives in New Zealand HIST312 Course
World War One HIST334 Course
World War One and its Legacies HIST121 Course
Worlds of Christopher Columbus HIST232 Course

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