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Academic English ELIN002 Course
Advanced Sociolinguistics LING330 Course
Advanced Sociolinguistics LING430 Course
Applied Linguistics for PhD ALIN690 Course
Applied Linguistics Thesis ALIN591 Course
Approaches to Grammar ALIN301 Course
CALL LALS531 Course
Classroom-based Research LALS528 Course
Complementary Studies ALIN102 Course
Critical perspectives on the second language curriculum TSOL302 Course
Curriculum Design + Mat Devt DEAF805 Course
Deaf Culture and Society DEAF801 Course
Deaf Studies Teaching Practic DEAF806 Course
Discourse Analysis LALS544 Course
Discourse and Meaning LING321 Course
Dissertation LALS583 Course
Elementary NZSL NZSL102 Course
ELTSO: Eng Lang Course ELIN006 Course
English for Academic Purposes ELIN001 Course
English for Professional ELIN007 Course
English Language Training ELIN004 Course
Eval Res in Appld Linguistics LALS540 Course
Interaction + Identity in lrng LALS542 Course
Intermediate NZSL A NZSL201 Course
Intermediate NZSL B NZSL202 Course
International Communication ELIN005 Course
Intr to Learning Sign Language DEAF803 Course
Intro Structure & Use of NZSL DEAF802 Course
Intro to Linguistics LING111 Course
Intro to NZSL NZSL101 Course
Introduction to Language Teach ELIN801 Course
Issues in Sociolinguistics LALS563 Course
Lang Learning and Teaching LALS201 Course
Language across the Curriculum ALIN302 Course
Language and Communication LING101 Course
Language Assessment LALS523 Course
Language Curriculum Dev LALS515 Course
Language for Specific Purposes LALS521 Course
Language in the Workplace LALS543 Course
Language Teaching Practice TSOL301 Course
Language Testing LALS524 Course
Language Variation & Change LING324 Course
Learner Auton & Strategies LALS525 Course
Learners + 2nd Lang Learning LALS520 Course
Linguistics for PhD LING690 Course
Linguistics Thesis LING591 Course
Listening and Speaking LALS510 Course
New Zealand English LING322 Course
New Zealand English LING422 Course
Phonetics and Phonology LALS562 Course
Phonetics and Phonology LING328 Course
Phonetics and Phonology LING428 Course
Preparation for Advanced Research in Linguistics LING411 Course
Principles of Teaching NZSL DEAF804 Course
Pronunciation of English LALS513 Course
Psycholinguistics LING423 Course
Psycholinguistics LING323 Course
Research Paper LALS581 Course
Research Paper LALS580 Course
Research Project LALS582 Course
Research Project LING489 Course
Sociolinguistics LING221 Course
Special Topic TSOL303 Course
Special Topic LING410 Course
Special Topic: Forensic linguistics LING226 Course
ST: Cognitive Linguistics LALS517 Course
ST: English: Academic Purposes LALS516 Course
ST: Gender and Lang LING331 Course
ST: Gender and Lang LING406 Course
ST: Oceanic Syntax LING407 Course
ST: Reflective Practice LALS518 Course
ST: Task-based Lang Teaching LALS519 Course
Structure and Use of NZSL NZSL311 Course
Syntax LING427 Course
Syntax LING327 Course
Task-Based Language Teaching LALS529 Course
Teaching and Learning Grammar LALS512 Course
Teaching and Learning Vocab LALS522 Course
Teaching Practice LALS393 Course
Teaching Reading and Writing LALS511 Course
Teaching Young Learners LALS527 Course
TESOL Classroom Practice ELIN802 Course
TESOL Thesis ALIN592 Course
Text and Cultural Context TSOL203 Course
The Research Process LALS541 Course
The Sounds of Speech LING228 Course
Thesis LALS584 Course
Topics in Linguistics at the Interfaces LING414 Course
Topics in Sociolinguistics LING413 Course
Vocabulary and Grammar TSOL202 Course
Words and Sentences LING227 Course
Workplace Communication ELIN003 Course
Writing at University WRIT101 Course
Writing for Business WRIT202 Course
Writing for Media WRIT203 Course
Writing in ESL WRIT151 Course

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