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17th and 18th-Century French Literature FREN333 Course
19C + 20C French Literature FREN331 Course
20th-Century French World Literature FREN332 Course
Academic Skills A PASP103 Course
Academic Skills B PASP104 Course
Adv Chinese Comp + Translation CHIN314 Course
Advanced Chinese Language CHIN401 Course
Advanced French Language FREN401 Course
Advanced Italian Language ITAL401 Course
Advanced Japanese Language JAPA401 Course
Advanced Language Directed Study FHSS401 Course
Advanced Language Study GERM401 Course
Advanced Spanish Language SPAN401 Course
Advanced Translation FREN403 Course
Approaches to Intercultural Communication ICOM201 Course
Asian Studies for PhD ASIA690 Course
Asian Studies Thesis ASIA591 Course
Capital Cities: Their Cultures and Stories LANG201 Course
Career Pathways PASP001 Course
Chinese for PhD CHIN690 Course
Chinese Language 1A CHIN101 Course
Chinese Language 1B CHIN102 Course
Chinese Language 2A CHIN211 Course
Chinese Language 2B CHIN212 Course
Chinese Language 3A CHIN311 Course
Chinese Language 3B CHIN312 Course
Chinese Thesis CHIN591 Course
Classical Chinese Lang and Lit CHIN313 Course
Contemporary Asian Society ASIA201 Course
Contemporary Italian Lit ITAL308 Course
Dante's Inferno ITAL306 Course
Death, Dying and Disposal in Ancient Greece CLAS301 Course
Elementary German GERM104 Course
Elementary Italian ITAL115 Course
Elementary Japanese JAPA112 Course
Elementary Spanish SPAN112 Course
French for PhD FREN690 Course
French Language 1A FREN101 Course
French Language 1B FREN102 Course
French Language 2A FREN201 Course
French Language 2B FREN202 Course
French Language 3A FREN301 Course
French Language 3B FREN302 Course
French Literary Studies FREN221 Course
French Society and Culture FREN104 Course
French Thesis FREN591 Course
From Fascism to Forza Italia ITAL235 Course
German for PhD GERM690 Course
German Language 2A GERM217 Course
German Language 2B GERM202 Course
German Language 2B GERM218 Course
German Language 3A GERM315 Course
German Language 3B GERM316 Course
German Language 3C GERM303 Course
German Language 3C GERM320 Course
German Language 3D GERM304 Course
German Language 3D GERM321 Course
German Thesis GERM591 Course
Global Popular Cultures FHSS410 Course
Hispanic Literary Studies SPAN312 Course
Histories + Cultures SPAN113 Course
Intercultural Communication in Professional Practice LANG403 Course
Intro to Chinese Civilisation CHIN112 Course
Intro to Italian Language ITAL114 Course
Intro to Japanese Language JAPA111 Course
Intro to the Spanish Language SPAN111 Course
Intro. to the German Language GERM103 Course
Introduction to Asian Histories and Cultures ASIA111 Course
Introduction to Asian Studies ASIA101 Course
Introduction to Intercultural Communication ICOM101 Course
Italian for PhD ITAL690 Course
Italian Language 2A ITAL215 Course
Italian Language 2B ITAL216 Course
Italian Language 3A ITAL315 Course
Italian Language 3B ITAL316 Course
Italian Literature and Culture ITAL402 Course
Italian Thesis ITAL591 Course
Italy Through Film ITAL207 Course
Japanese Culture + Society JAPA113 Course
Japanese Culture and Society JAPA322 Course
Japanese Culture Through Lit JAPA213 Course
Japanese for PhD JAPA690 Course
Japanese Language 2A JAPA204 Course
Japanese Language 2B JAPA205 Course
Japanese Language 3A JAPA304 Course
Japanese Language 3B JAPA305 Course
Japanese Thesis JAPA591 Course
Literary Translation Studies LITR591 Course
Literary Translation Studies LITR690 Course
Memory, Modernity and Popular Culture in Spain and Latin America SPAN214 Course
Modern Chinese Literature CHIN213 Course
Modern Korean Society ASIA203 Course
Modern Korean Society ASIA304 Course
Moving Meanings: Translation as Intercultural Communication ICOM301 Course
Moving the World: Artistic Movements in Context LANG202 Course
Nation + Nationalism: Asia ASIA301 Course
Pacific Nations Education PASP102 Course
Reading the World FHSS110 Course
Research Project ITAL489 Course
Research Project CHIN489 Course
Research Project SPAN489 Course
Research Project GERM489 Course
Research Project JAPA489 Course
Research Project FREN489 Course
Research Project ASIA489 Course
Shaping the World: Cultural Forces in Europe and Latin America LANG101 Course
Spanish for PhD SPAN690 Course
Spanish Language 2A SPAN215 Course
Spanish Language 2B SPAN216 Course
Spanish Language 3A SPAN315 Course
Spanish Language 3B SPAN316 Course
Spanish Thesis SPAN591 Course
Special Topic JAPA314 Course
Special Topic SPAN406 Course
Special Topic CLAS212 Course
ST1: Captured Berlin GERM411 Course
ST: Contemporary Italian Lit ITAL407 Course
ST: Directed Individual Study ASIA302 Course
ST: History and Memory SPAN313 Course
ST: Korean Language 2A ASIA204 Course
ST: Paris: Artistique et Lit FREN412 Course
ST: Spanish Memory Politics SPAN405 Course
The Spanish Short Story SPAN213 Course
Topic in Hispanic Studies: National Identities and New Literary Aesthetics in Latin America SPAN314 Course
Topic in Intercultural Communication in Global Contexts ICOM302 Course
Topic in Society and Culture in Antiquity CLAS407 Course
Topics in German Culture 1 GERM114 Course
Topics in German Culture 2 GERM214 Course
Topics in German Culture 3 GERM314 Course
Translation Theory and Practice: Global Cross-cultural Communication FHSS402 Course
University Pathways PASP002 Course

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