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Accompanying NZSM414 Course
Accompanying 1 PERF132 Course
Accompanying 2 PERF232 Course
Accompanying 3 PERF332 Course
Accompanying Second Study PERF432 Course
Adv Interactive Sonic Arts CMPO311 Course
Adv Proj: Composition CMPO302 Course
Adv Projects Electronic Music CMPO310 Course
Adv Projects in Orchestration NZSM406 Course
Adv Tech in Instrum/Vocal Comp CMPO301 Course
Advanced Fusion Ensemble PERF223 Course
Advanced Jazz Composition 1 CMPO320 Course
Advanced Latin Ensemble PERF324 Course
Advanced Musical Performance NZSM701 Course
Advanced Musical Performance 2 NZSM702 Course
Advanced Proj Performance 3A PERF365 Course
Advanced Proj Performance 3B PERF366 Course
Advanced Proj Performance 3C PERF367 Course
Advanced Proj Performance 3D PERF368 Course
Analysis MUSC267 Course
Approach to Music Ethnography NZSM451 Course
Approaches in Music Education NZSM472 Course
Approaches to Popular Music MUSC349 Course
Approaches to Study of Music NZSM431 Course
Baroque Music (1600-1750) MUSC235 Course
Basic Musical Techniques MUSC160 Course
Case Work and Research NZSM526 Course
Class Theory and Musicianshp 1 MUSC166 Course
Class Theory and Musicianshp 2 MUSC167 Course
Class Theory and Musicianshp 3 MUSC266 Course
Classical Performance (Solo) A PERF411 Course
Classical Performance (Solo) B PERF416 Course
Classical Performance - Solo NZSM411 Course
Classical Performance 1 PERF130 Course
Classical Performance 2 PERF230 Course
Classical Performance 3 PERF330 Course
Communication Skills NZSM006 Course
Composition NZSM598 Course
Composition Thesis NZSM592 Course
Composition/Sonic Arts NZSM640 Course
Composition/Sonic Arts Thesis NZSM660 Course
Computer Music Programming CMPO281 Course
Computing Skills NZSM003 Course
Creativity ARTS401 Course
Diction and Language 1 PERF136 Course
Diction and Language 2 PERF236 Course
Diction and Language 3 PERF336 Course
Editing as Interpretation MUSC342 Course
Fusion Ensemble PERF123 Course
Gamelan Performance PERF250 Course
Harmony in late-Romantic Music and Western Film Scores MUSC268 Course
Hildegard to Avant Garde MUSC130 Course
Historical Perform Practice NZSM440 Course
Historical Performance Practic MUSC340 Course
Independent Perform Project NZSM419 Course
Independent Project NZSM496 Course
Instrumental/Vocal Comp 2 CMPO201 Course
Instrumentation CMPO130 Course
Interface Dsgn Live Electroncs CMPO381 Course
Intermediate Project 2A PERF265 Course
Intermediate Project 2B PERF266 Course
Intermediate Project 2C PERF267 Course
Intermediate Project 2D PERF268 Course
Intro to Music in 20th Century MUSC247 Course
Intro to Music Technology CMPO181 Course
Introduction to Composition CMPO101 Course
Introduction to Conducting PERF210 Course
Jazz Arranging + Composition 1 CMPO235 Course
Jazz Arranging + Composition 2 CMPO335 Course
Jazz Composition Study 1 CMPO220 Course
Jazz Ensemble 1 PERF122 Course
Jazz Ensemble 2 PERF222 Course
Jazz Ensemble 3 PERF322 Course
Jazz History MUSC125 Course
Jazz Improvisation 1 PERF121 Course
Jazz Improvisation 2 PERF221 Course
Jazz Performance NZSM412 Course
Jazz Performance 1 PERF120 Course
Jazz Performance 2 PERF220 Course
Jazz Performance 3 PERF320 Course
Jazz Performance A PERF412 Course
Jazz Performance B PERF417 Course
Jazz Theory 1 MUSC164 Course
Jazz Theory 2 MUSC264 Course
Large Ensemble 1 PERF134 Course
Large Ensemble 2 PERF234 Course
Large Ensemble 3 PERF334 Course
Large Ensemble Orchestration CMPO330 Course
Latin Ensemble PERF224 Course
Maori Music Performance PERF151 Course
Minor Independent Project NZSM495 Course
Music for PhD NZSM690 Course
Music in Everyday Life MUSC250 Course
Music in New Zealand Society MUSC249 Course
Music in the 18th Century MUSC236 Course
Music in the 19th Century MUSC237 Course
Music in the 20th Century MUSC245 Course
Music in World Cultures MUSC150 Course
Music Now MUSC105 Course
Music Performance and Embodiment Studies NZSM446 Course
Music Therapy Methods NZSM522 Course
Music Therapy Practicum NZSM523 Course
Music Therapy Principles NZSM470 Course
Music Therapy Principles NZSM520 Course
Music, Culture, Experience MUSC106 Course
Music, Society & Culture R'sch MUSC350 Course
Musicianship Studies NZSM001 Course
Musicology NZSM597 Course
Musicology Thesis NZSM591 Course
Opera Performance PERF435 Course
Orchestral Performance PERF434 Course
Pedagogy NZSM474 Course
Performance NZSM599 Course
Performance NZSM641 Course
Performance Second Study 1 PERF103 Course
Performance Second Study 2 PERF203 Course
Performance Second Study 3 PERF303 Course
Performance Studies NZSM005 Course
Performance Thesis NZSM596 Course
Performance Thesis NZSM661 Course
Pjts in Interactive Sonic Arts CMPO211 Course
Pop Music since the 1950s MUSC248 Course
Popular Music: An Introduction MUSC120 Course
Prjct: Small Ensemble CMPO202 Course
Project in Comp/Sonic Arts 1 NZSM401 Course
Project in Comp/Sonic Arts 2 NZSM402 Course
Project in Peformance 1B PERF166 Course
Project in Performance 1A PERF165 Course
Project in Performance 1C PERF167 Course
Project in Performance 1D PERF168 Course
Projects in Electronic Music CMPO210 Course
Reading Artists Writing ARTH407 Course
Recording and Audio Production CMPO283 Course
Research Approaches Mus Ther NZSM527 Course
Research Proposal NZSM650 Course
Scholarly Project NZSM494 Course
Small Ens Orchn (Non-Majors) CMPO230 Course
Small Ensemble NZSM413 Course
Small Ensemble 1 PERF133 Course
Small Ensemble 2 PERF233 Course
Small Ensemble 3 PERF333 Course
Small Ensemble Second Study PERF433 Course
Special Topic MUSC309 Course
Special Topic NZSM651 Course
Special Topic NZSM501 Course
Studies in 18th Century Music MUSC336 Course
Studies in Instrumental Music MUSC331 Course
Studies in Jazz Literature MUSC326 Course
Studies in Jazz Style MUSC329 Course
Studies in Music and Dance of Oceania MUSC351 Course
Studies in Vocal Music MUSC332 Course
Theory and History Studies NZSM002 Course
Topic in Composit/Sonic Arts CMPO306 Course
Topic in Composition NZSM405 Course
Topic in Composition NZSM404 Course
Topic in Compositn/Sonic Arts CMPO305 Course
Topic in Jazz MUSC228 Course
Topic in Jazz NZSM449 Course
Topic in Jazz Studies MUSC327 Course
Topic in Music History MUSC330 Course
Topic in Music History MUSC230 Course
Topic in Music of Pacific Is NZSM458 Course
Topic in Music of Pacific Is MUSC353 Course
Topic in Music Studies MUSC343 Course
Topic in Music Studies NZSM430 Course
Topic in Music Technology CMPO383 Course
Topic in Music Technology NZSM483 Course
Topic in New Musical Concepts NZSM441 Course
Topic in New Musical Concepts MUSC341 Course
Topic in New Zealand Music MUSC347 Course
Topic in Performance Practice: Music and/as Performance MUSC339 Course
Vocal Ensemble + Stagecraft 2 PERF235 Course
Vocal Ensemble + Stagecraft 3 PERF335 Course
World Musics and Music Therapy NZSM521 Course

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