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Anthropology for Liberation ANTH302 Course
Anthropology for PhD ANTH690 Course
Anthropology Thesis ANTH591 Course
Asian Spiritualities RELI235 Course
Beyond Crime: Understanding Social Harm CRIM210 Course
Biosocial criminology CRIM327 Course
Capitalism, Culture, and Inequality ANTH202 Course
Colonisation and Criminal Justice in Aotearoa New Zealand CRIM429 Course
Comparative Welfare Regimes SPOL220 Course
Conflict and Reconciliation ANTH209 Course
CRIM Research Methods CRIM326 Course
Crime and Criminal Justice in New Zealand CRIM212 Course
Crime in Aotearoa New Zealand CRIM202 Course
Crime, Deviance and Popular Culture CRIM322 Course
Crimes Against the Environment CRIM402 Course
Criminal and Investigative Psychology CRIM427 Course
Criminal Psychology CRIM217 Course
Criminological Theory CRIM316 Course
Criminology for PhD CRIM690 Course
Criminology Thesis CRIM591 Course
Culture and Experience ANTH208 Course
Culture through an Ethnographic Lens ANTH401 Course
Current Direction Anth Thought ANTH410 Course
Current Issues in Criminology CRIM204 Course
Doing Sociology SOSC102 Course
Drugs, Risk and Play CRIM325 Course
Drugs, Risk and Play CRIM216 Course
Environmental Anthropology ANTH210 Course
Ethnographic Research ANTH408 Course
Everyday Life SOSC216 Course
Foundatns of Society + Culture ANTH101 Course
Gender and Crime CRIM419 Course
Gender and Sexuality Studies: Key Thinkers and Perspectives SACS202 Course
Gender, Sexuality and Kinship ANTH201 Course
God, Gods, Godlessness RELI343 Course
Ideas and Approaches ANTH407 Course
Internship SACS428 Course
Interpreting Society SOSC304 Course
Interpreting Society SOSC211 Course
Introduction to Criminology CRIM111 Course
Investigations in Social World SOSC222 Course
Investigations in the Social World SOSC301 Course
Issues in Crime Prevention CRIM414 Course
Knowledge, Power, Social Rsch SOSC319 Course
Liberties, Rights and Justice CRIM423 Course
Managing Drug Use and Misuse CRIM420 Course
Medical Anthropology ANTH307 Course
Methods in Social and Cultural Research SACS201 Course
Migratn, Culture and Identity ANTH317 Course
Modern Anthropological Thought ANTH204 Course
NZ: Sociological Perspectives SOSC112 Course
Policing CRIM311 Course
Prisons in Aotearoa New Zealand CRIM310 Course
Qualitative Data Analysis SOSC416 Course
Reading Religion: Authority, Subversion and Gender RELI233 Course
Reflecting on Violence SOSC223 Course
Religions in Practice RELI342 Course
Religious Troublemakers RELI114 Course
Reproducing Gendered Bodies SOSC215 Course
Reproducing Gendered Bodies SOSC315 Course
Research Project SPOL489 Course
Research Project CRIM489 Course
Research Project SOSC489 Course
Research Project ANTH489 Course
Ritual in the Modern World ANTH213 Course
Science, Technology and Culture ANTH301 Course
Selected Topic: Culture + Material World ANTH215 Course
Selected Topic: Culture Ethnographic Lens ANTH406 Course
Sexual Violence CRIM324 Course
Social + Cultural Diversity ANTH102 Course
Social Inequality SPOL210 Course
Social Inequality SPOL306 Course
Social movements and the state SOSC318 Course
Social Organisation SOSC305 Course
Social Policy for PhD SPOL690 Course
Social Policy Thesis for MA SPOL591 Course
Social Policy: Values + Change SPOL113 Course
Sociological Theory SOSC401 Course
Sociology for PhD SOSC690 Course
Sociology of Ethics & Morality SOSC415 Course
Sociology Thesis SOSC591 Course
Sociology: Founds and Concepts SOSC111 Course
Special Topic ANTH313 Course
Special Topic CRIM330 Course
Special Topic CRIM303 Course
Special Topic SOSC414 Course
Special Topic ANTH314 Course
Special Topic SOSC306 Course
Special Topic CRIM314 Course
Special Topic ANTH214 Course
Special Topic SOSC217 Course
Special Topic SOSC218 Course
Special Topic SOSC221 Course
Special Topic ANTH315 Course
Special Topic SOSC307 Course
Special Topic SPOL203 Course
Special Topic: Colonisation and Criminal Justice in Aotearoa New Zealand CRIM417 Course
Special Topic: Current Issues in Criminology CRIM219 Course
Special Topic: Energy, Power and the Climate Crisis SOSC308 Course
Special Topic: Intersectionality, Social Policy and Change SPOL316 Course
Special Topic: Wellbeing, Happiness and Healing RELI253 Course
Special Topic: Wellbeing, Happiness and Healing RELI345 Course
ST: Organised Crime CRIM220 Course
ST: Sport, Crime + Society CRIM319 Course
ST: Transnational Crime CRIM421 Course
State, Power, Emancipation SOSC402 Course
Terrorism and Political Violence CRIM328 Course
The Challenges of Ethnography ANTH312 Course
Thesis SSRE594 Course
Thesis SSRE593 Course
Transforming the World RELI234 Course
Visual Anthropology ANTH316 Course
Women,Crime and Social Control CRIM313 Course
Work and Culture of Capitalism SOSC418 Course

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