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Advanced Assessment HLTH514 Course
Applied Pathophysiology HLTH502 Course
Clinical Pharmacology HLTH518 Course
Diagnostics and Therapeutics HLTH517 Course
Diversity in Health Care HLTH525 Course
Evaluation in Health HLTH528 Course
Health for PhD HEAL690 Course
Health Systems, Policy Prac HLTH522 Course
Health, Illness and Disease HLTH516 Course
Leadership in Health Care HLTH524 Course
Master of Midwifery Thesis MIDW592 Course
Master of Nursing Thesis NURS592 Course
MHR Thesis HLTH591 Course
MHR Thesis in Midwifery HLTH593 Course
MHR Thesis in Nursing HLTH592 Course
Midwifery Assessment HLTH532 Course
Midwifery for PhD MIDW690 Course
Midwifery Practicum HLTH533 Course
Nurse Practitioner Practicum HLTH531 Course
Nursing for PhD NURS690 Course
Patient Safety and Risk HLTH526 Course
Practice Project HLTH520 Course
Principles of Research HLTH501 Course
Professional Nursing Practice HLTH550 Course
Real World Midwifery HLTH513 Course
Research Methods HLTH521 Course
Research Review HLTH519 Course
Specialist Practice: Critical HLTH505 Course
Specialist Practice: Long Term Conditions HLTH504 Course
ST: Applied Ethics and Law HLTH530 Course
ST: Prescribing Practicum HLTH529 Course
Thesis (90 points) MHC HLTH596 Course
Thesis (90 points) MNS HLTH594 Course

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