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19th C American Literature ENGL202 Course
A Special Genre: Fantasy ENGL441 Course
A Special Period ENGL442 Course
Acting and Performance Skills THEA113 Course
Advance Directing THEA404 Course
American Literature: 20th Cent ENGL332 Course
Approaches to Communication Research COMS201 Course
Approaches to Film History FILM417 Course
Arts Management and Marketing ARTS402 Course
Awkward Books ENGL334 Course
Awkward Books ENGL301 Course
Children's Literature ENGL244 Course
Cinema and Representation FILM302 Course
Cinema and Technology FILM416 Course
Cinema of NZ FILM202 Course
Cinemedia FILM305 Course
Classic Theatre THEA207 Course
Classic Theatre Workshop THEA204 Course
Classical Traditions in English Literature ENGL225 Course
Classical Traditions: The Metamorphoses of Ovid ENGL425 Course
Collaborative Production THEA311 Course
Communication Paradigms COMS501 Course
Communication Research Methods COMS502 Course
Company THEA301 Course
Contemporary Debates FILM308 Course
Contemporary Fiction ENGL428 Course
Conventions of Drama + Theatre THEA302 Course
Creative Indust Cultural Labr MDIA417 Course
Critical Approaches FILM201 Course
Critical Approaches to Advertising and Consumer Culture MDIA209 Course
Cultural Identity + the Media MDIA310 Course
Current Issues in Film Studies FILM301 Course
Digital Cinema Production FILM404 Course
Directing THEA304 Course
Documentary Production FILM311 Course
Drama and Theatre in Aotearoa THEA403 Course
Dramaturgies of the West THEA305 Course
Dramaturgies of the West THEA205 Course
Dramaturgies of the World THEA306 Course
Dramaturgies of the World THEA206 Course
Eighteenth-Century Studies ENGL429 Course
English for PhD ENGL690 Course
English Thesis ENGL591 Course
Film Cultures A FILM203 Course
Film Cultures B FILM304 Course
Film for PhD FILM690 Course
Film Genre FILM205 Course
Film Histories FILM204 Course
Film Industries: Contexts, Practices, Discourses FILM420 Course
Film Movements FILM102 Course
Film Production FILM210 Course
Film Theory Goes to the Movies FILM401 Course
Film Thesis FILM591 Course
Film, Culture and Society FILM402 Course
From Whare Tapere to the Globe THEA211 Course
Grad Dip in Theatre Arts THEA597 Course
Hollywood Cinema FILM206 Course
Introduction to Communication Studies COMS101 Course
Introduction to Film Analysis FILM101 Course
Introduction to Literary Form ENGL114 Course
Introduction to Narrative ENGL117 Course
Lit of Aotearoa New Zealand ENGL112 Course
Literature and Technology ENGL437 Course
Literature of Ecology and Climate Change ENGL336 Course
Maori Media MDIA308 Course
Mass Media & Popular Culture MDIA403 Course
Media and Digital Cultures MDIA206 Course
Media and Social Movements MDIA416 Course
Media Audiences and Identity MDIA208 Course
Media in Aotearoa New Zealand MDIA201 Course
Media Policy MDIA408 Course
Media Studies for PhD MDIA690 Course
Media Studies Thesis MDIA591 Course
Media Theory & Cultural Prod MDIA301 Course
Media, Gender + Sexuality MDIA306 Course
Media, History + Theory MDIA413 Course
Media, Money and Power MDIA312 Course
Media, Society and Politics MDIA102 Course
Media, Subjectivity & Identity MDIA407 Course
Media, Tech and Surveillance MDIA313 Course
Media: Texts and Images MDIA101 Course
Modern Poetry ENGL231 Course
Modernist Literature ENGL203 Course
Monuments and Memory ARTH303 Course
Multidisciplinary Performance Practice Part A THEA411 Course
New Media: Theory and Practice MDIA309 Course
New Zealand Literature ENGL331 Course
New Zealand Literature ENGL234 Course
News Analysis MDIA207 Course
News Culture MDIA304 Course
NZ Lit: Mansfield and Friends ENGL423 Course
Organisational Communication COMS203 Course
Pacific Cinema FILM303 Course
Past Masters ENGL111 Course
Physical Theatre Methodologies THEA307 Course
Playwriting THEA316 Course
Popular Media Culture MDIA103 Course
Popular Music Studies MDIA205 Course
Postcolonial Literature ENGL330 Course
Public Writing LCCM371 Course
Ren Studs: Lit + Cultural Pols ENGL410 Course
Renaissance Literature ENGL308 Course
Research Project ENGL489 Course
Research Project FILM489 Course
Research Project MDIA489 Course
Research Project THEA489 Course
Restoratn and 18thC Literature ENGL315 Course
Romantic Literature ENGL311 Course
Romantic Studies ENGL427 Course
RS: Shakespeare's Clas Worlds ENGL415 Course
Scenography THEA308 Course
Scenography THEA210 Course
Science Fiction ENGL211 Course
Scriptwriting THEA405 Course
Sea Changes ENGL201 Course
Shakespeare ENGL208 Course
Shakespearean Performance THEA402 Course
Short Film Production FILM310 Course
Social and Interactive Media MDIA104 Course
Social Hist of Popular Music MDIA305 Course
Space, Light and the Body THEA203 Course
Special Topic MDIA321 Course
Special Topic ENGL348 Course
Special Topic ARTH335 Course
Special Topic FILM320 Course
Special Topic THEA323 Course
Special Topic ENGL228 Course
Special Topic MDIA322 Course
Special Topic THEA221 Course
Special Topic: Creative Industries: Screen Media in the Digital Era MDIA410 Course
Special Topic: Gender and Literature ENGL329 Course
Special Topic: Literature and Journalism ENGL248 Course
Special Topic: Storytelling Beyond the Human LCCM310 Course
ST: 3D Cinema FILM480 Course
ST: Advanced Directing THEA406 Course
ST: Film on Film FILM481 Course
ST: J.M. Coetzee ENGL445 Course
ST: Media in the Asia-Pacific MDIA220 Course
ST: Place, Race, Media MDIA221 Course
ST: Playwriting THEA322 Course
ST: Texts in Context ENGL444 Course
ST: Transnational Media Recptn MDIA409 Course
ST: Whare Tapere to the Globe THEA321 Course
Studies in Film Aesthetics FILM406 Course
Studies in Film Genre FILM407 Course
Television Industries + Forms MDIA404 Course
Television Narrative MDIA302 Course
Television Studies MDIA202 Course
The 19th Century Novel ENGL209 Course
The Art of Film FILM306 Course
The Art of the Essay: Critical, Public, Personal LCCM272 Course
The Art of Writing: Literary and Creative Communication LCCM171 Course
The Chivalric Quest ENGL314 Course
The Culture of Modernism ENGL433 Course
The Live Act: Intro to Theatre THEA101 Course
Theatre for PhD THEA690 Course
Theatre Thesis THEA591 Course
Thesis THEA594 Course
Troy and Troilus ENGL307 Course
Victorian Literature ENGL312 Course
Visual Culture MDIA203 Course

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