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Adv Studies in Relig + Society RELI424 Course
Adv Studies in Religious texts RELI427 Course
Advanced Greek Literature A GREE315 Course
Advanced Greek Literature B GREE316 Course
Advanced Latin Literature LATI330 Course
Advanced Latin Literature LATI331 Course
Ancient Civilisations: the Greeks and the Romans CLAS106 Course
Arguing About Religion RELI335 Course
Art and Encounter ARTH114 Course
Art History for PhD ARTH690 Course
Art History Methodology ARTH401 Course
Art History Thesis ARTH591 Course
Art in Aotearoa/New Zealand ARTH213 Course
Art in the Pacific ARTH214 Course
Art, Revolution and Crisis ARTH102 Course
Augustans LATI402 Course
Bronze Age Aegn Art + Archaeol CLAS309 Course
Bronze Age Aegn Art + Archaeol CLAS209 Course
Buddhism RELI338 Course
Buddhism: The Noble Path RELI206 Course
Byzantine + Medieval Art ARTH216 Course
Christiananity RELI341 Course
Civilizatn + Cultures of Islam RELI203 Course
Classical Studies for PhD CLAS690 Course
Classical Studies Thesis CLAS591 Course
Classics for PhD CLAS691 Course
Classics Thesis CLAS592 Course
Confronting Death RELI229 Course
Death, Dying and Religion RELI305 Course
Dissertation MHST593 Course
Elementary Greek GREE113 Course
Elementary Latin LATI104 Course
Etruscan & Roman Art CLAS202 Course
Etruscan & Roman Art CLAS302 Course
Evil and Salvation RELI228 Course
Greek + Roman Drama CLAS203 Course
Greek + Roman Drama CLAS303 Course
Greek and Roman Epic CLAS210 Course
Greek and Roman Epic CLAS310 Course
Greek Art: Myth + Culture CLAS102 Course
Greek Field Trip CLAS420 Course
Greek Field Trip CLAS320 Course
Greek Literature GREE216 Course
Greek Prose Texts GREE401 Course
Greek Social History CLAS308 Course
Greek Social History CLAS208 Course
Greek Tragedy GREE402 Course
Greek Verse Texts GREE403 Course
Historic Heritage Conservation MHST522 Course
History and Historiography CLAS404 Course
History of Photography ARTH212 Course
History of Photography ARTH319 Course
Identity, Communities and Traditions RELI231 Course
Indian Religeons RELI337 Course
Intermediate Greek GREE215 Course
Introducing Asian Religions RELI103 Course
Introducing Museums + Heritage MHST511 Course
Introduction to Greek GREE112 Course
Introduction to Latin LATI103 Course
Islam RELI336 Course
Islam in Contemporary World RELI329 Course
Judaism RELI207 Course
Latin Lit and Language A LATI213 Course
Latin Lit and Language B LATI214 Course
Latin Prose Texts LATI401 Course
Latin Verse Texts LATI403 Course
Making Meanings:Museums, Herit MHST516 Course
Methods/Issues in Study of Rel RELI401 Course
Modernism + Modernity ARTH219 Course
Museum + Heritage Stud Thesis MHST591 Course
Museum + Heritage Studies PhD MHST690 Course
Museums and Maori MHST515 Course
Myth and Mythologies CLAS111 Course
Myth and Storytelling CLAS311 Course
Myth and Storytelling CLAS211 Course
Neoclassicism to Impressionism ARTH222 Course
Politics and Religion RELI221 Course
Practicum 1 MHST512 Course
Practicum 2 MHST514 Course
Project MHST519 Course
Psychology of Religion RELI226 Course
Religion, Conflict + Peacemkng RELI331 Course
Religion, Identity + Community RELI330 Course
Religion, Law and Politics RELI107 Course
Religious Experience RELI106 Course
Religious Studies for PhD RELI690 Course
Religious Studies Thesis RELI591 Course
Research Essay CLAS489 Course
Research Methods MHST513 Course
Research Project GREE489 Course
Research Project ARTH489 Course
Research Project RELI489 Course
Research Project LATI489 Course
Roman History and Society CLAS105 Course
Roman Social History CLAS307 Course
Roman Social History CLAS207 Course
Special Topic CLAS312 Course
Special Topic RELI210 Course
Special Topic ARTH226 Course
Special Topic CLAS314 Course
Special Topic ARTH405 Course
Special Topic CLAS214 Course
Special Topic RELI310 Course
Special Topic MHST524 Course
Special Topic CLAS406 Course
Special Topic MHST520 Course
Special Topic LATI405 Course
Special Topic GREE405 Course
Special Topic: Cultures of Surrealism ARTH334 Course
Special Topic: Intercultural Museum Practice MHST523 Course
ST: Approved Course Other Univ MHST521 Course
ST: Buddhism: The Noble Path RELI327 Course
ST: Rasta, Vodou and Santeria RELI227 Course
The Baroque ARTH218 Course
The Cultures of Collecting ARTH406 Course
The First Christians RELI350 Course
The Greeks CLAS104 Course
The Religions of India RELI205 Course
The Renaissance ARTH217 Course
The World's Religions RELI108 Course
Theory & Context in Art Histor ARTH402 Course
Thinking through Art ARTH113 Course
Topic in Art CLAS402 Course
Topic in Literary Genre CLAS401 Course
Topics in 18th-Century Art ARTH315 Course
Topics in 19th-Century Art ARTH316 Course
Topics in 20th-Century Art ARTH317 Course
Topics in Colonial Art ARTH310 Course
Topics in Pacific Art ARTH336 Course
Topics in Renaissance Art ARTH313 Course
Violence and Conflict RELI232 Course
What is Religion? RELI113 Course

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