This list relates to the trimester Trimester 2 2019 which does not start until 01/07/2019
  1. Required Readings 1 item
    1. Auditing assurance services and ethics in Australia: an integrated approach - Alvin A. Arens, Peter J. Best, Greg Shailer, Brenton Fielder 2016

      Book Required On closed reserve at Commerce Library

  2. Additional Readings for class 12 items
    1. Towards a conceptual framework for auditing - Michael J. Pratt, Karen Van Peursem 03/1993

      Article Recommended

    2. Materiality in the context of audit: the real expectations gap - Keith A. Houghton, Christine Jubb, Michael Kend 06/01/2011

      Article Recommended

    3. A Review and Integration of Empirical Research on Materiality: Two Decades Later - Messier, William F, JrMartinov-Bennie, NonnaEilifsen, Aasmund Nov 2005

      Article Recommended

    4. Principles of external auditing - Brenda Porter, David J. Hatherly, Jon Simon c2008


  3. Course Material Book 3 items