This list relates to the trimester Trimester 2 2019 which does not start until 01/07/2019
  1. Week 1 - July 17 Introduction and the sociology of knowledge 1 item
    To access this reading click on the title and then click on the "view digitisation in a new window" tab.
  2. Week 1 - July 20 Efficiency, control and coercion 1 item
    The reading from the book "Trust in Numbers" is just chapter 1 - A world of artifice. After clicking on the title you should click on the "Access the e-book" button.
    1. Trust in Numbers : The Pursuit of Objectivity in Science and Public Life - Porter, Theodore M. 1996

      Book  The reading for week 1 is chapter 1 titled A world of artifice

  3. Week 2 - July 27 Philosophy of Social Science: Researching the Social 2 items
    There are two readings set for this session but no need to read them both before the lecture. The "Health researchers's guide" is very introductory and hopefully accessible. The "Competing paradigms" is more dense but will be very useful for the class test at the end of the course. For the journal article, after clicking on the title you can then click on the DOI - and that will take you to the article. For the book chapter, after clicking on the title you can then click on "review digitisiation in another window" and that will get you to the chapter.
    1. The Sage handbook of qualitative research - Norman K. Denzin, Yvonna S. Lincoln c2011


  4. Week 3 - August 3 Social Constructionism and Critical theory 3 items
    For this session I have three readings. You should read the reading form the Handbook of constructionist research and the reading from the Philosophy of the social sciences. The Crotty reading is for those who want another reading on critical theory.
    1. Handbook of constructionist research - James A. Holstein, Jaber F. Gubrium c2008


  5. Readings for interview 1 item
    The following readings may be useful for interview preparation. Click on the title and then on the web address and it will take you to chapter 2. Other chapters in this book may be worth browsing through as well, especially chapter 8 on designing question and probes.
  6. Week 4 - August 10 Challenging methodologies: Kaupapa Māori research paradigms 1 item
    To access the article click on the title and then click on the DOI.
  7. Week 5 and 6 - August 17 and 24 Powerpoint presentations 0 items
  8. Week 7 - September 14 - Theory and Research 1 item
    1. Sociological Practice - Derek Layder 1998


  9. Week 8 - September 21 Studying Collective Memory; Academic Freedom 2 items
  10. Week 9 - September 28 Religious knowledge, power and methodologies; Conversation analysis 2 items
    1. How to analyse talk in institutional settings: a casebook of methods - A. W. McHoul, Mark Rapley 2001

      Book  Chapter 1 in this book provides an introduction to conversation analysis

  11. Week 10 -October 5 Politics of research; Assessing qualitative research 2 items
    For the politics of research session I have included the Brian Martin reading. For those interested in following up on this there are excellent commentaries from Max Loboiron and Tuen Zuiderent-Jerak in the same journal with a response from Brian Martin. For the Assessing qualitative research session the reading provides a good discussion of reflexivity and what that means when considering the credibility of qualitative research.
  12. Week 11 - October 12 Applied approaches; Innovation and creativity in social research 2 items
    1. Applied Sociology - Jammie Price, Jeff Will


  13. Week 12 - October 19 In-class test 0 items