1. Week 1 3 items
    No tutorials in Week 1
    1. Decolonizing Anthropology - Carole McGranahan, Uzma Z Rizvi 2016

      Webpage Required

    2. Chapter 1. Colonial Anthropology and its Alternatives - Carolina Alonso Bejarano, Lucia López Juárez, Mirian A. Mijangos García, and Daniel M. Goldstein 2019

      Chapter Required

    3. Decolonization is not a metaphor - Eve Tuck, Wayne K Yang

      Article Recommended

  2. Week 2 3 items
    Tutorials begin
    1. Colonizing Knowledges - Linda Tuhiwai Smith

      Chapter Required

    2. Other | Society for Cultural Anthropology - Michelle Nayahamui Rooney September 26 2018

      Webpage Required

  3. Week 3 4 items
    1. Stirring up Silence - Lily George 18/12/2017

      Article Required

  4. Week 4 4 items
  5. Week 5 3 items
    1. Theorizing in ex-centric sites - Faye V. Harrison 09/2016

      Article Required

  6. Week 6 4 items
    1. Donna Awatere on Maori Sovereignty - Donna Awatere 1982

      Article Required Please this short article (pages 38-42) together with Debbie Rewhiti's interview with Donna Awatere and Merata Mita

    2. Debbie Rewhiti talked to Donna Awatere and Merata Mita about the impact of Maori Sovereignty - Debbie Rewhiti

      Article Required Please read this short article (pages 12-15) together with the article 'Donna Awatere on Maori Sovereignty'

  7. Week 7 3 items
    No tutorials in Week 7
    1. Decolonizing Transgender: A Roundtable Discussion - Tom Boellstorff, Mauro Cabral, Micha Cárdenas, Trystan Cotten 01/01/2014

      Article Required

  8. Week 8 4 items
  9. Week 9 4 items
    1. RUN IT STRAIGHT (for West Papua) | Short Film - Tere Harrison 2016

      Audio-visual document Required

    2. The West Papua fight for sovereignty 2014

      Audio document Required The West Papua fight for sovereignty (Duration: 10'47") This is interview with TeKura Moeka'a, Mānoa Teaiwa, and Dr Teresia Teaiwa first aired on RNZ's Te Ahi Kaa show on 21 December 2014. "Dr Teresia Teaiwa, her son Manoa Teaiwa and Cook Islands student TeKura Moeka’a attended the Madang Wansolwara Dance gathering in West Papua in September. it was an opportunity to meet with Pacific nations on a creative and political level. It was also an opportunity for University lecturer Teresia Teaiwa to encourage her older son, Manoa's politicisation about issues that impact upon the Pacific and in particular West Papua. “The most outrageous, the most scandalous, the most unacceptable thing taking place right now is the way the world is ignoring West Papua. West Papua needs to be our focus because West Papua helps us understand mining, logging, cultural decimation, gender based violence, torture, abuse of human rights - all sorts of things. They’re all there in West Papua. When we pay attention to West Papua it helps us to pay attention to the things around us and home.” - Teresia Teaiwa."

    3. Chapter 2. When Contributions are Elusive - Stuart Kirsch 2018

      Chapter Required

  10. Week 10 5 items
    1. Introduction - Tom Hayden

      Chapter Required Please read this chapter (Introduction) together with the next reading (Zapatistas: A brief historical timeline)

    2. Zapatistas: A brief historical timeline - Tom Hansen

      Chapter Required Please read this chapter (Zapatistas: A brief historical timeline) together with the Introduction chapter to this book.

  11. Week 11 4 items
  12. Week 12 2 items
    1. The Complicit Anthropologist - Ruth Gomberg-Muñoz 2018

      Article Required