1. Workshop Reading: 12 July 2019 Watergate as Myth and Historiography 1 item
  2. Tutorial 1: 15/16 July Mediating Sexual Politics 2 items
    1. 'Sexual Revolutions', 'Polarization and Conflict' - John D'Emilio and Estelle B. Freedman

      Chapter Required

  3. Workshop Reading 19 July: Media-Created Culture 1 item
  4. Tutorial 2: 22/23 July: Morning in America? 2 items
  5. Workshop Reading 26 July: Historical or Mythic Media? 1 item
  6. Tutorial 3: 29/30 July: Winning, Forgetting or Finding New Enemies? 2 items
    1. 'Hippie Day at the Reagan Library'; 'CNN's Cold War: Equal Time for the Russians' - Jon Wiener

      Chapter Required Read pages 3-27 for the Tutorial; Reading 263-274 for the Workshop Reading

    2. 'Introduction' - Susan Jeffords and Lauren Rabinovitz

      Chapter Required

  7. Workshop 2 August: Mediating War 2 items
  8. Tutorial 4: 5/6 August: Culture and History Wars in the 1990s 2 items
    1. 'The Roaring 1990s' - Kevin M. Kruse and Julian Zelizer

      Chapter Required Other Read is available digitally as indicated in the Course Outline

  9. Workshop 9 August: Reading: Racing and Gendering the Culture Wars 2 items
    1. 'Affirming Discord' - Robert M. Entman and Andrew Rojecki

      Chapter Required

  10. Tutorial 5: 12/13 August: Scandal, Massacres and Moral Panics 2 items
    1. 'Power Works' - John Fiske

      Chapter Required

    2. 'Scandalized' - Kevin M. Kruse and Julian E. Zelizer

      Chapter Required Additional reading available digitally in Blackboard and indicated on the course outline.

  11. Tutorial 6: 2/3 September: September 11th and the War of Error 7 items
    1. 'The War Debate' - Paul Rutherford

      Chapter Required You can find the digital copy in the library collection at Read the 2nd chapter, 22-49, and look at the references on 202-203

    2. Workshop 6 September: Sanctifying Ground Zero 1 item
    3. Tutorial 7: 9/10 September: Obama vs the Angry White Man 2 items
    4. Workshop Reading: 13 September: Reality TV, Spectacle, and Facebook's Imperative 2 items
  12. Tutorial 8: 16/17 September: Trumped or Tricked? 2 items
  13. Workshop Reading: 20 September: Truth-Tellers or Trolls? 3 items
    1. 'Selfless Whistleblowing and Selfish Leaking' & 'Kill Switch Engage' - Joshua Hautala & Adam Barkman Christian Cotton

      Chapter Required Read 'Selfless Whistleblowing and Selfish Leaking' for Tutorial. Read 'Kill Switch Engage' for the Workshop

    2. 'National Security and the "New Yellow Press"' & 'A New Age of Cyberwarfare' - Steven G. Bradbury David E. Sanger

      Chapter Required Read Kill Switch Engage for this WorkshopRead the chapter on the New Yellow Press for this Workshop and Read the one on 'The New Age of Cyberwarfare' for the Workshop on 27 September

    3. Workshop 27 September: Communication, Truth, and Power 1 item