1. Week 1 1 item
    Introduction: What does it mean? Why is it important? Use of alagā'upu and muāgagana
  2. Week 2 1 item
    Vaega 'o le Lāuga: Lectures will focus on the basic structures of a lāuga. What it consists, how to transition through a lāuga using semi-basic gagana
    1. Anoafale o le gagana ma le aganuu - Pemerika L. Tauiliili 2009


  3. Week 3 1 item
    Tapuā'iga in lāuga: What is it? Why is it important in Samoan understandings of lāuga? Discussion will focus on indigenous and Western transformations of tapuā'iga.
    1. Tapuai: Samoan worship - Fanaafi Aiono-Le Tagaloa c2003

      Book  Chapter 4

  4. Week 4: Lāuga and Gender 1 item
    Why is lāuga male dominated? Can women lāuga? Discussion will focus on how Samoan culture and language functionalise Samoan understandings of gender in lāuga
  5. Week 5 & 6: Fa'alupega in Lāuga 1 item
    Discussion will focus on Samoan village, district and national honorifics. Why are honorifics important? How were fa'alupega changed to suit German and New Zealand administrations? How have these been adapted to suit Samoan diasporic communities?
    1. Faafaigofieina o faalupega o Samoa - Tavale Tanuvasa 1997

      Book  Use this book as a resource to source your village fa'alupega (honorifics)

  6. Week 7 2 items
    Foreign Contact in Sāmoa 1830, 1900 and 1914: the arrival of the missions and administrations in Sāmoa
  7. Week 8 1 item
    Fa'ama'i Oti: Influenza 1918; New Zealand's role, the effects on Samoan society, family, culture and language, a cause for national resistance movements?
  8. Week 9 1 item
    Political autonomy: Mau a Sāmoa, reasons for the drive for self-independence, New Zealand's and the League of Nations responses (mandate), today's tensions between the Church and State in Sāmoa: a shift in power?
    1. Western Samoa: imprisonment, deportation and shooting - H. Runham Brown, Alfred W. Page 1930


  9. Week 10 & 11 0 items
    Matā'upu Tau Sāmoa (Samoan Studies) 30th anniversary preparations: How might we incorporate our learnings about lāuga and various "taeao" into our preparations for the 30th anniversary?
  10. Week 12 0 items