1. Week 1: Introduction to the Study of Comparative Public Management 1 item
  2. Week 2: Method in Comparative Public Management & Policy; Evolution of the Public Sector 7 items
    1. The obstacles to effective policy implementation by the public bureaucracy in developing nations: The case of Nigeria - B.I. Ugwuanyi, E.E.O. Chukwuemeka 2013

      Article Required download from:

    2. Public Management Reform : A Comparative Analysis - New Public Management, Governance, and the Neo-Weberian State - C. Pollitt, G. Bouckaert 2011

      Book Recommended Please read Chapter 1: Comparative public management reform: an introduction to key debates (pp.1-30)

    3. The Ashgate research companion to new public management - T. Christensen, P. Lægreid 2010

      Book Recommended Please read Chapter 2: Basic NPM ideas and their development by J. Boston (pp.17-32). Chapter 2 is in Part 1: NPM Processes.

  3. Week 3: Comparative political economy & Singapore story 3 items
    1. Dynamic Governance : Embedding Culture, Capabilities and Change in Singapore - N.B. Siong, G. Chen 2007

      Book Required Please read Chapter 1: Framework for dynamic governance (pp.1-48)

    2. Politics in Pacific Asia: an introduction - X. Huang 2009

      Book Required Please read Chapter: The state and the economy (pp.104-123)

  4. Week 4: China’s economic miracle 2 items
  5. Week 5: Ethics Management and Anti-corruption 3 items
    1. Reducing bureaucratic corruption: Interdisciplinary perspectives on what works - Jordan Gans-Morse, Mariana Borges, Alexey Makarin, Theresa Mannah-Blankson 05/2018


  6. Week 6: Democratization 3 items
    1. Confucianism and democratization in East Asia - To-chʻŏl Sin, Ebooks Corporation 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book  Part IV: Embracing Demoracy

  7. Week 7: Decentralization and Local Government 4 items
    We now turn to applying our framework. As a major example of administrative reform, decentralization is now a cornerstone of development policy in many East and Southeast Asian countries. National development increasingly requires stronger and active regional development and local communities. As a case study, this class examines decentralization and development of local government in China, and the drivers behind that
  8. Week 8: Fiscal Reform and Decentralization 3 items
    1. Property Tax in China: History, Pilots, and Prospects - Y. Hou, Q. Ren, P. Zhang 2015

      Book Required Please read Chapter 1: Three stages of China's financial reforms (pp.1-5)

  9. Week 9:China’s Climate Governance 0 items
  10. Week 10: Regionalism in Asia 0 items
  11. Week 11: Public management & policy in the Pacific Islands: I – Papua New Guinea 1 item
    1. The Political Economy of Economic Reform in the Pacific - R. Duncan 2011

      Book Required Please read Chapter 11: How pervasive is clientelist politics in the Pacific? by R. Duncan and G. Hassall (pp.265-276)

  12. Week 12: Public Management & Policy in the Pacific Islands: II – Pacific Regionalism 1 item
    1. Models of regional governance: Sovereignty and the future architecture of regionalism 2008

      Book Required Please read the chapter: Models of regional governance: is there a choice for the Pacific? (pp.19-38)

  13. General Readings and On-line references 18 items
    The course will also draw on the following publications for lecture content, as well as those mentioned earlier.
    1. The state of public administration: issues, challenges, and opportunities - D. C. Menzel, H. L. White 2011

      Book Required Please read Chapter 27: The crisis of public administration theory in a postglobal world by D. Schultz

    2. Governance and the public sector - R. Hodges 2005


    3. The state of public administration: issues, challenges, and opportunities - D. C. Menzel, H. L. White 2011


    4. General surveys in the field of comparative public management include:

    5. Public management and governance - A. G. Bovaird, E. Löffler 2009


    6. The Sage handbook of public administration - J. Pierre, B. G. Peters 2012