1. Person-centred care 4 items
    1. Person-centred approaches to care - McCormack, Brendan 2017

      Article Required Please listen to this talk, make notes and come to the first School ready to discuss.

    2. Development of a framework for person-centred nursing - Brendan McCormack, Tanya V. McCance 12/2006

      Article Required Please read this article on person-centred care and come prepared to discuss the framework in the first school.

    3. Person-centred interactions between nurses and patients during medication activities in an acute hospital setting: Qualitative observation and interview study - Danielle Bolster, Elizabeth Manias 2010

      Article Required You'll need to refer to this article in your first critical reflection assignment.

    4. Person-centred care (in nursing): Seek first to understand and then to be understood. - Tracey Levett-Jones

      Chapter  In case you've missed what person-centred care is all about, this is the chapter to read! There are great little stories from practice and reflections following each story. They all serve to illustrate the connection between person-centred care and safe care.

  2. The nurses role 4 items
    1. Supervision, direction and delegation - what do the terms mean? - Hughes, MargaretKirk, RayDixon, Alison Apr 2018

      Article Required Clarity around the terms as they relate to the New Zealand context.

    2. Kaupapa Maori Action Research to improve heart disease services in Aotearoa, New Zealand - Sandy Kerr, Liane Penney, Helen Moewaka Barnes, Tim McCreanor 02/2010

      Article Recommended

    3. Building a kaupapa Maori service: Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand

      Journal Recommended The article recounts the setting up of Kaupapa Māori Services

  3. Knowing and caring for the patient 3 items
    1. The ‘five rights’ of clinical reasoning: An educational model to enhance nursing students’ ability to identify and manage clinically ‘at risk’ patients - Tracy Levett-Jones, Kerry Hoffman, Jennifer Dempsey, Sarah Yeun-Sim Jeong 2010-8

      Article Required you will need to read this article to complete assignment 1

    2. Chapter 3: Patient Stability Assessment in Acute illness management / Chris Mulryan.

      Chapter Required You will be required to read the following two chapters as they support the completion of Assignment Number 2- Comprehensive stability Assessment: 1. The Physiology of Acute Illness 2. Patient Stability Assessment

  4. Interprofessional collaboration 2 items
    1. How to talk to doctors - a guide for effective communication - K. Curtis, A. Tzannes, T. Rudge 03/2011

      Article Recommended A great article that goes beyond ISBAR to provide practical points to consider when speaking with a doctor about a patient.

    2. A design thinking framework for healthcare management and innovation - Jess P. Roberts, Thomas R. Fisher, Matthew J. Trowbridge, Christine Bent 03/2016

      Article  DHB 1 design thinking exercise

  5. Safety 12 items
    1. Re-finding the ‘human side’ of human factors in nursing: Helping student nurses to combine person-centred care with the rigours of patient safety - Tonks N. Fawcett, Sarah J. Rhynas 09/2014

      Article Required Human factors are about the things that enhance or reduce human performance in the workplace. This article explores the challenge nurses face of providing safe AND patient-centred care. Although you are no longer student nurses, you are nurses who are students so hopefully you'll find this discussion thought-provoking.

    2. The stories clinicians tell: Achieving high reliability and improving patient safety.

      Article Recommended Stories from clinicians in this article address themes that include incident identification, disclosure and transparency, just culture, the impact of clinical workload pressures, human factors liabilities, clinicians as secondary victims, the impact of disruptive and punitive behaviours, factors affecting professional morale and personal failings.

    3. Health Quality & Safety Commission | From knowledge to action: A framework for building quality and safety capability in the New Zealand health system

      Webpage Recommended There will be sections of this document that you will be referred to as part of the School and DHB days.

    4. Promoting Patient Involvement In Safety Initiatives - Birks, Yvonne April 2011

      Article Recommended DHB day 1 critical reading exercise

    5. Patient participation in patient safety and nursing input - a systematic review - Mojtaba Vaismoradi, Sue Jordan, Mari Kangasniemi 03/2015

      Article Recommended DHB 1 critical reading exercise

    6. Priming Patient Safety Through Nursing Handoff Communication: A Simulation Pilot Study - Patricia S. Groves, Jacinda L. Bunch, Ellen Cram, Amany Farag 11/2017

      Article Recommended DHB 1 critical reading exercise

    7. CE: Nursing's Evolving Role in Patient Safety | Ovid 2017

      Webpage Recommended DHB 1 critical reading exercise

    8. Vital Signs Monitoring Leads to Increased Patient Safety and Workflow Efficiency - Vockley, MarthaKloewer, Theresa Nov/Dec 2017

      Article Recommended DHB 1 critical reading exercise

    9. Gaps in the continuity of care and progress on patient safety - Cook, R I March 2000

      Article Recommended DHB 1 critical reading exercise

  6. Online simulation articles 5 items
    1. Delirium - Amy Wisniewski 01/2009

      Article Required You will need to have read this article in order to answer the Scenario activities

    2. BPJ 46: Bronchiolitis in infants

      Webpage Required you will need to read this article before you answer the scenarios

    3. Is this child sick? Usefulness of the Pediatric Assessment Triangle in emergency settings - Ana Fernandez, Javier Benito, Santiago Mintegi 11/2017

      Article Supplementary This article provides information about paediatric triage and its use in paediatric advanced life-support training programmes.

    4. Identifying patients with heart failure - BPJ Issue 50

      Webpage Required You will need to read this article to support the scenarios

  7. The Working Hours Of Hospital Staff Nurses And Patient Safety - Rogers, Ann EWei-Ting, HwangScott, Linda DAiken, Linda HDinges, David F Jul/Aug 2004

    Article Recommended DHB 1 critical reading exercise