This list relates to the trimester Trimester 1 2019 which ended on 29/06/2019
This list has been archived
  1. Papers for Assignment 2 15 items
    1. Societal and ethical issues of digitization - Lambèr Royakkers, Jelte Timmer, Linda Kool, Rinie van Est 2018-6


    2. Big Data ethics - Andrej Zwitter 10/07/2014


  2. Week 1: Introduction to social responsibility 5 items
    1. Corporate social responsibility - Wikipedia

      Webpage Required This Wikipedia article gives a good overview of the concept of corporate social responsibility and some helpful citations to follow up.

    2. Sustainable Development Goals | UNDP

      Webpage Required Please take a look at this webpage for an overview of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

    3. The Convergence of Digitalization and Sustainability - David Kiron and Gregory Unruh

      Article Required This is a good introduction to the topic of the role of digital technologies in sustainability.

    4. Where Is The Ethical Tech?

      Webpage Required This is a brief article about some tech firms getting ethics wrong and others getting them right

  3. Week 2: Cultural sustainability and data sovereignty 7 items
    1. US arts website removes Māori images | RNZ News

      Webpage Required This is the case study for this week's tutorial. It is essential you read this before your tutorial.

  4. Week 3: Green IT versus Greening for IT 4 items
  5. Week 4: Sustainable organisations 0 items
  6. Week 5: Smart cities 5 items
    1. The Mexican town that refused to become a smart city 16/10/2018

      Article Required This is the case for this week's tutorial.

  7. Week 6: Sustainable supply chains and sustainable food 0 items
  8. Week 7: Introduction to ethics; privacy 8 items
    1. What are tech companies doing about ethical use of data? Not much - James Arvanitakis November 28, 2018 6.07am AEDTNovember 28, 2018 6.07am AEDT

      Article Recommended

    2. (168) Privacy is about building trust - YouTube - PrivacyNZ 2018

      Audio-visual document Recommended

    3. (168) Privacy Matters - YouTube - PrivacyNZ 2015

      Audio-visual document Recommended

  9. Week 8: Freedom of expression and information 7 items
    1. Freedom on the Net 2018

      Document Supplementary

  10. Week 9: AI and ethics 3 items
    1. Rise of the racist robots – how AI is learning all our worst impulses - Stephen Buranyi 08/08/2017

      Article Required This is the tutorial material for this week.

    2. Tristan Harris: How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day | TED Talk

      Webpage Recommended Tristan Harris is one of the key thinkers in the area of persuasive tech.

    3. Center for Humane Technology: Realigning Technology with Humanity

      Website  This website covers a whole range of ethical issues related to our use of technology.

  11. Week 10: Ethics and the gig economy 0 items
  12. Week 11: Professional ethics 0 items
  13. Journal Paper for the Exam 1 item
    1. Sustainability, Neoliberalism, and the Moral Quality of Capitalism - Colin Crouch 2012

      Article Required There will be questions on this paper in the exam.