This list relates to the trimester Trimester 2 2019 which does not start until 01/07/2019
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  1. Tirta Susilo's Readings 1 item
    1. Basic vision - Robert J. Snowden 2012

      Book Required This book will be used throughout the course, with specified chapters and sections given in lectures and labs. There is an ebook online (follow the link) or a copy in the Glass room on level 2 of the library.

  2. Lab readings 5 items
    1. Motion integration and postdiction in visual awareness. - Eagleman, David. M Sejnowski, Terrence J. 5460

      Article Required Study discussed in Lab 2 regarding the flash-lag effect

    2. Neuronal correlates of a perceptual decision - William T. Newsome, Kenneth H. Britten, J. Anthony Movshon 1989-9-7

      Article Recommended Study discussed in Lab 2 regarding MT response to movement. Once you ahve clicked this link, click on the DOI number which is highlighted blue and then you will be re-directed to the Nature website. There will be an option to download PDF on the left.

    3. Prototype-referenced shape encoding revealed by high-level aftereffects - David A. Leopold ; Alice J. O'Toole ; Thomas Vetter ; Volker Blanz 2001

      Article Supplementary Lab 4 reading if interested

    4. Solving the upside-down puzzle: Why do upright and inverted face aftereffects look alike? - Susilo, Tirta ; Mckone, Elinor ; Edwards, Mark 2010

      Article Supplementary Lab 4 readings if interested

    5. Visual representation of eye gaze is coded by a nonopponent multichannel system - Calder, Andrew J.Jenkins, RobCassel, AnneliClifford, Colin W. G. May 2008

      Article Supplementary Lab 4 readings if interested

  3. Gina Grimshaw's Readings 2 items
    1. Sensation and perception - E. Bruce Goldstein 2014

      Book Required Speech perception chapter to match Gina's lecture

    2. Sensation & perception - Jeremy M. Wolfe copyright2012

      Book Required chapter 10 - see the following link for online resources:

  4. David Carmel's Readings 11 items
    1. How to Create and Use Binocular Rivalry - David Carmel, Michael Arcaro, Sabine Kastner, Uri Hasson 10/11/2010


    2. Cerebral mechanisms of word masking and unconscious repetition priming - Stanislas Deheane, Lionel Naccache, Laurent Cohen, Denis Le Bihan


    3. Relating Introspective Accuracy to Individual Differences in Brain Structure - Stephen M. Fleming, Rimona S. Weil, Zoltan Nagy, Raymond J. Dolan and Geraint Rees 2010


    4. Attention without Awareness in Blindsight - R. W. Kentridge, C. A. Heywood and L. Weiskrantz 1999