This list relates to the trimester Trimester 1 2019 which ended on 29/06/2019
This list has been archived
  1. Week 1 and 2: Active citizenship 12 items
    1. Our Civic Future Civics, Citizenship and Political Literacy in Aotearoa New Zealand: A Public Discussion Paper - New Zealand Political Studies Association 2018

      Document Required Select an article of interest

    2. Special issue: Education for active citizenship 2012

      Journal Required Select an article of interest

    3. Set: Research Information For Teachers 2016

      Journal Required Select an article of interest

  2. Week 1-2: Further background reading 5 items
    1. An ontological turn for higher education - Gloria Dall’Alba, Robyn Barnacle 12/2007

      Article Supplementary This reading is for discussion within our Week 2 blog

  3. Week 4: Critical theory 4 items
    1. Pedagogy of the oppressed - Paulo Freire 1970/2005

      Webpage Recommended Read Chapter 2

    2. The Routledge international handbook of critical education - Michael W. Apple, Wayne Au, Luis Armando Gandin, Ebooks Corporation 2009 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Chapter 1

  4. Week 5: Bringing in critical perspectives 5 items
    1. Towards a framework for critical citizenship education - Laura Johnson, Paul Morris 03/2010

      Article Recommended

  5. Week 6: Discourses of environmental education 6 items
  6. Week 7: Young children’s civic action as community building 12 items
    1. Rethinking Nature-Based Approaches in Early Childhood Education: Common Worlding Practices - Narda Nelson, Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw, Fikile Nxumalo 08/06/2018

      Article Recommended

    2. Handbook of Critical and Indigenous Methodologies - Norman Denzin, Yvonna Lincoln, Linda Smith 2008

      Book Recommended

  7. Week 8: Critical youth work 4 items
    1. Unsettled Social Work: The Challenge of Levinas's Ethics - A. Rossiter 01/07/2011

      Article  Although this article is about social work, I'd like you to think about how these ideas could be applied to application to education and, in particular, supporting young people to be active citizens

  8. Week 9: Young people’s involvement in built environment decision-making processes 3 items
  9. Kaupapa Maori Theory 4 items