1. Irish Surname Maps

    Webpage  Saving for the heck of it

  2. NETS: Electronic Edition

    Webpage  SEPTUAGINT TRANSLATION (could be handy for an Anna Komnene thesis inter multa alia)

  3. On Style - Demetrius

    Book  Demetrius of Phalerum on writing letters 223-235

  4. Prosopography of the Middle Byzantine period

    Webpage  Look up Nikephoros Ouranos and other ones on this one

  5. THE WHEEL Issue 13/14 — The Wheel

    Webpage  The Wheel: Eastern Orthodox magazine

  6. Epistemology of the closet - Sedgwick, Eve Kosofsky. c2008.


  7. Ennobling Love - Jaeger, C. Stephen 2010


  8. Dreaming in Byzantium and Beyond - Calofonos, George T. Angelidi, Christine 2014