1. Business analysis & valuation: using financial statements - Krishna G. Palepu, Paul M. Healy, Victor L. Bernard, Sue Wright 2015, ©2015

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  2. Business analysis & valuation: using financial statements - Krishna G. Palepu, Paul M. Healy, Victor L. Bernard, Sue Wright 2015, ©2015

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  3. Principles of corporate finance - Richard A. Brealey, Stewart Myers 2002

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  4. Principles of corporate finance - Richard A. Brealey, Stewart Myers 2002


  5. Global Cash Management 4 items
  6. PwC Treasury Research 11 items
    1. PWC Treasury Broadsheet May 2019

      Document  Is carbon on your radar...? Hedging regulatory risk: a treasurer's dilemma So many risks, such low volatility (and ‘cheap’ FX options!) What is going on and how can the treasurer take advantage? Key takeaways from the 2019 Business of Treasury Report The skill set of the modern treasurer Introduction to managing electricity price risk

    2. PWC Treasury Broadsheet March 2019

      Document  Directors need to understand liquidity Winning the trust battle RBNZ capital requirements: impact on businesses and treasurers Proposed changes to S&P’s Local Government ratings methodology LIBOR Reform: Are you ready? Adding value through centralising treasury management

    3. PWC Treasury Broadsheet November 2018

      Document  Long-term FX hedging, speculative or strategic? The benefits of an RFP process Understanding and appropriately using volatility When to pay brokerage fees Using technical analysis to enhance decisions Corporate treasury and intelligent automation Is it time to reassess actively managing Emerging Market currency exposures?

    4. PWC Treasury Broadsheet September 2018

      Document  Sprats for mackerels - big changes in funds management IFRS 16 Leases - Financial reporting impacts Treasury management systems - show love upfront NZ ETS - changes are coming An introduction to SIPOs Doing more with less Cashflow Forecasting: The automation era

    5. PWC Treasury Broadsheet: June 2018

      Document  The 2025 Digital Treasurer The fundamental Treasury Policy review IFRS 9 vs IAS 39 - Part II: Qualifying criteria for hedge accounting PwC New Zealand and Hedgebook team up to codevelop the FX Strategy Tool Payments: a standardised API from Payments NZ? Approaches to determining your optimal debt duration Corporate treasury and cybersecurity Four interesting things you might not know about oil markets

    6. PWC Treasury Broadsheet March 2018

      Document  Treasury Policies: Listing the tasks! IFRS 16 Leases: Implications for Treasury Managers BEPS Tax Bill: Changes already impacting The case of the disappearing NZD forward points – Episode II NZ Emissions Trading Scheme – What has changed? What remains the same? IFRS 9 v IAS 39 – Part I – The hedge accounting models Centralised vs decentralised treasury functions Keeping it simple – transparent budget rates that don’t rely on forecasts Overcoming working capital challenges Data rich and information poor in the world of forecasting Treasury reporting – better practice LGFA Bonds: Will they benefit from a flight to quality?

    7. PWC Treasury Broadsheet: November 2017

      Document  Corporate bond market window open The weather and forecasting models Digital transformation: Visualisation of risk and the Corporate Treasurer Beginner's guide to FX management The challenges of cash flow forecasting Expectations for an optimal transactional banking solution The impact of digital currencies and the blockchain technologies they rely on for Corporate Treasury What is driving the cards and payments industry? Can analytics strengthen your forecasting?

    8. PWC Treasury Broadsheet: September 2017

      Document  PwC continues to support New Zealand's business community Back to basics with FX order types The case of the disappearing NZD forward points Forecasting exposures and cash flows - simple solutions for stronger analytics How should you determine an optimum liquidity buffer 2017 - The Association of Financial Professional's strategic role of treasury survey

    9. PWC Treasury Broadsheet: May 2017

      Document  Will increased costs to derivatives (XVA) challenge future corporate hedging decisions? Approaches to managing minor currencies Foreign exchange rate assumptions in financial budgets Interest rate swaps versus fixed rate term loans Treasury performance measurement How should you determine an optimum liquidity buffer? Part 1 Treasury and populism Interest rate swap right-to-break clauses

    10. PWC Treasury Broadsheet: March 2017

      Document  Global central banks and monetary policy: what is happening and what next? Rolling forecasts replacing budgets The digital disruption of banks Changes to US money market funds New Zealand's ever shrinking credit capacity Why record low interest rates aren’t stimulating capital expenditure Tax treatment of derivative instruments XVA – why it matters

  7. Treasury Policy Design 1 item
  8. Debt Funding Markets 0 items
    Business Analysis & Valuation - Chapter 10 Credit Analysis & Distress Prediction
  9. Rating Agency Key Readings 9 items
    1. Industry Credit Risk ; recent trends for global non-financial corporations 2018

      Document  This Report explores Credit risk at the Industry Level

  10. Treasury Risk Identification 7 items
  11. Treasury Innovations / Working Capital Solutions 1 item
  12. Risk Management and Board Reporting 5 items
    1. NZX Regulation

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  13. Capital Structure Basics 5 items
    1. PROSPECTUS - Quayside Holdings Limited $200 million Perpetual Preference Shares 2008

      Document  Example of a prospectus for Pref Shares - On 31 January 2008, an investment statement was issued by Quayside Holdings Limited, offering to the public 200 million Perpetual Preference Shares at $1 - Quayside is also the majority shareholder of POT

  14. FX Risk Management 0 items
  15. Interest Rate Risk Management 0 items
  16. Commodity Risk Management 0 items
  17. Liquidity Risk Management 0 items
  18. Debt Maturity Analysis 0 items
  19. Covenants, EOD's, Business Restructuring 0 items