This list relates to the trimester Trimester 1 2019 which ended on 29/06/2019
This list has been archived
  1. Week 1: Changing Contexts for TV Creation 2 items
    1. The Perfect Storm: European Television Policy and the Emergence of Streaming Services 2017 - Ib Bondebjerg, Eva Novrup Redvall, Rasmus Helles, Signe Sophus Lai

      Chapter Recommended

    2. Portals: A Treatise on Internet-Distributed Television 2017 - Amanda D. Lotz

      Book Required Please read Chapter One of this book.

  2. Week 2: Narrative Theory 2 items
    1. Understanding media culture - Jostein Gripsrud 2002

      Book Required Read "Narratology: the Forms and Functions of Stories"

  3. Week 3: Series and Serial Forms 2 items
    1. Re(de)fining narrative events: Examining television narrative structure - Porter, Michael JLarson, Deborah LHarthcock, AllisonKelly Berg Nellis Spring 2002

      Article Recommended Please read Michael J. Porter, Deborah L. Larson, Allison Harthcock and Kelly Berg Nellis (2002) “Redefining Narrative Events: Examining Television Narrative Structure”, Journal of Popular Film and Television, Washington DC: Heldref Publications, Spring, 30:1, pp. 23-30.

  4. Week 4: Realism 2 items
    1. An introduction to television documentary: confronting reality - R. W. Kilborn, John Izod 1997

      Book Required Read Chapter 2 “How Real Can You Get? Realism and Documentary”,

    2. MTV’s The Hills: A Leading American Docusoap - Currie, Anna 2011

      Thesis Recommended Please read Chapter One of this thesis.

  5. Week 5: Melodrama 2 items
    1. Women and soap opera: a study of prime time soaps - Christine Geraghty 1991

      Book Required Read Chapter 2 “The Aesthetic Experience”,

    2. Complex TV - Jason Mittell

      Book Recommended Read Chapter 7 "Serial Melodrama"

  6. Week 6: Intertextuality 3 items
    1. Television culture - John Fiske 1989

      Book Recommended Read Fiske Chapter 7 "Intertextuality"

    2. Watching with the Simpsons: television, parody, and intertextuality - Jonathan Gray 2005

      Book Recommended Read Chapter 1 “Intertextuality and the Study of Texts”

  7. Week 7: Naratives of Crime 3 items
    1. Serial television: big drama on the small screen - Glen Creeber 2004

      Book Required Read Chapter 3 “Serial Killers: Murder, Masculinity and the Reinvention of the Crime Genre”

    2. Understanding reality television - Susan Holmes, Deborah Jermyn 2004

      Book Recommended Read Chapter 3 “This Is About Real People!”: Video Technologies, Actuality and Affect in the Television Crime Appeal”

    3. The TV crime drama - Sue Turnbull 2014

      Book Recommended Please read Chapter 3 which is about US crime procedural drama

  8. Week 8: Narrative Complexity 3 items
    1. TV drama in transition: forms, values, and cultural change - Robin Nelson 1997

      Book Recommended Read Chapter 2 “Flexi-Narrative from Hill Street to Holby City: Upping the Tempo; Raising the Temperature”

    2. Complex Serial Drama and Multiplatform Television 2018 - Dunleavy Trisha

      Book Recommended Please read 'The Narrative Distinctions of Complex Serial Drama' section, extract from the "Conclusion" chapter, pp.163-68.

  9. Week 9: Narrating Humour: Continuity and Change in Scripted Comedy 4 items
    1. Popular television drama: critical perspectives - Jonathan Bignell, Stephen Lacey 2005

      Book Recommended Read Chapter 1 by Barry Langford “‘Our Usual Impasse’: the Episodic Situation Comedy Revisited”

    2. It's not TV: watching HBO in the post-television era - Marc Leverette, Brian L. Ott, Cara Louise Buckley 2008

      Book Required Please read the chapter by Lisa Williamson, pp.108-122

  10. Week 11: Narratives of Competition: the ‘Reality’ Game-Doc 3 items
    1. Reality TV - Misha Kavka 2012

      Book Recommended Please read Chapter 4 "The Second Generation Comes of Age (2001-05): Challenge and Transformation". pp. 110-144.

    2. Reality TV - Annette Hill, Ebooks Corporation 2015

      Book Required Please read Chapter 3, pp.52-79

  11. Week 10: TV Narrative and Transnationalism 3 items
    1. Selling television: British television in the global marketplace - Jeanette Steemers 2004

      Book Recommended Read Chapter 2 “Process and Product: the Global Trade in Television Programmes”

    2. The television studies reader - Robert Clyde Allen, Annette Hill 2004

      Book Required Read Scott Robert Olson Chapter “Hollywood Planet: Global Media and the Competitive Advantage of Narrative Transparency”