1. Module 1: Governing New Zealand 25 items
    1. Cabinet Manual - Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) 2017


    2. Public Policy in New Zealand - Shaw, Eichbaum 2011


    3. A constitution for Aotearoa New Zealand - Geoffrey Palmer, Andrew S. Butler 2016


    4. Towards Democratic Renewal - Geoffrey Palmer, Andrew Butler 2018


    5. Report of the Royal Commission on the Electoral System: towards a better democracy - John Hamilton Wallace, New Zealand. Royal Commission on the Electoral System, Dan Long Memorial Library (Wellington, N.Z.) (electronic resource)


    6. Governing for the long term: democracy and the politics of investment - Alan M. Jacobs, ProQuest (Firm) 2011 (electronic resource)


  2. Module 2 - Public Management in New Zealand 19 items
    1. A public management for all seasons? - Hood, Christopher 1991

      Article Required Hood's classic article, origins of New Public Management

    2. Public value: theory and practice - John Benington, Mark H. Moore 2011

      Book Required E-book - Please read especially Chapter 2 - From Private Choice to Public Value?

    3. Changing images of the State: overloaded, hollowed-out, congested - C. Skelcher 01/07/2000

      Article Required A classic that provides another framework for thinking about public management.

    4. The Oxford handbook of public management / edited by Ewan Ferlie, Laurence E. Lynn, Jr., Christopher Pollitt. - Ferlie, Ewan, 1956- 2007

      Book Recommended E-book, recommended to read Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 - especially chapters 3 and 4 on Bureaucracy and Public and Private Management compared. Further very useful chapters are 'Public Private Partnerships and Hybridity' by Chris Skelcher, 'Organizational Cultures in the Public Services' by Robert Dingwall and Tim Strangelman and 'Performance Management' by Colin Talbot.

    5. Administrative burden: policymaking by other means - Pamela Herd, Donald P. Moynihan, ProQuest (Firm) 2018

      Book Supplementary

    6. The New Public Governance? - Stephen P. Osborne 2010-1-21

      Book Recommended Chapter 1 provides an overview of the evolving public management paradigm

    7. The SERVICE Framework: A Public-service-dominant Approach to Sustainable Public Services - Stephen P. Osborne, Zoe Radnor, Tony Kinder, Isabel Vidal 07/2015

      Article Recommended

    8. Future state: directions for public management in New Zealand - Derek Gill, Bill Ryan 2011

      Book Required


      Article Recommended

    10. More effective social services | Productivity Commission of New Zealand

      Webpage  Very useful for examples and evidence from delivery organisations

  3. Module 3 - The Treaty of Waitangi 10 items
    1. Te Tiriti o Waitangi/The Treaty of Waitangi, 1840 2017 (electronic resource)

      Book Required Please read pp 8-22

    2. Story of a Treaty - Orange, Claudia 2013

      Book Required Please read pp 7-161

    3. The Waitangi Tribunal: Te Roopu Whakamana i te Tiriti o Waitangi - Janine Hayward, Nicola Wheen 2016 (electronic resource)

      Book Required Please read pp 3-14; 29-40; 53-64 and then select the subject you might be interested in.

    4. Treaty of Waitangi settlements - New Zealand Law Foundation 2015, ©2015

      Book Required This collection gives good brief outlines of aspects of the modern settlement processes. See in particular: - Wheen, Nicola R. & Hayward, Janine 'The meaning of Treaty settlements and the evolution of the Treaty settlement process', pp.13-25 - Chen, Mai, `Post-settlement implications for Maori-Crown Relations’, pp. 82-200 - Bargh, Maria, `The Post-settlement World (So Far): Impacts for Maori’, pp. 166-181

    5. The Treaty on the ground: where we are headed, and why it matters 2017, ©2017

      Book Required Please read either Chapter titled "Coming of Age" or "Measuring progress".

  4. Module 4: Building Blocks of Good Governance 24 items
    1. Part 1: Integrity Issues in NZ 8 items
      1. Confronting Workplace Bullying - Ruth B. McKay 07/2014

        Article Supplementary

    2. Part 2: Accountability Issues in NZ 6 items
    3. Part 3: Transparency Issues in NZ 10 items
      1. Syndromes of corruption: wealth, power, and democracy - Michael Johnston 2005

        Book Supplementary Please don;t read this entire book but feel free to leaf through the ideas on Trading in Influence

  5. Module 5 Digital Government 17 items
    1. Micro-Mobilization, Social Media and Coping Strategies: Some Dutch Experiences - Victor Bekkers, Rebecca Moody, Arthur Edwards 23/01/2011

      Article Supplementary

    2. Smart citizens, smarter state: the technologies of expertise and the future of governing - Beth Simone Noveck 2015, ©2015

      Book Required Chapter 1 is required reading Chapter 8 is recommended reading All other chapters are optional

    3. Social Media Use by Governments - Arthur Mickoleit

      Article Recommended The introductory overview is recommended reading

    4. Realising benefits from six public sector technology projects - Controller and Auditor General

      Document Required