1. Week 1: Introduction and Lecture on Making a Difference 3 items
    1. Looking Back from the Centre - Joanna Kidman, Ken Stevens

      Book Recommended

  2. Week 2: Purpose of Education 2 items
  3. Week 3: Contemporary Education Policy 1 item
  4. Week 4: Education and Ethnicity 3 items
    1. New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies - jude MacArthur, Gill Rutherford


  5. Week 5:Success in Education 1 item
    1. V. Carpenter & S. Osborne (Eds.), Twelve thousand hours: Education, poverty in Aotearoa New Zealand

      Chapter Required Read Chapter by Snook, I., & O'Neill, J. (2014). Poverty and inequality of educational achievement

  6. Week 6: Difference, Diversity and Deficit Thinking: The Case for Intercultural Education 2 items
    1. Critical Race Theory - D Gillborn, G Ladson-Bilings

      Article Required

  7. Week 7: Finding the Middle Ground 2 items
    1. The meeting place: Māori and Pākehā encounters, 1642-1840 - Vincent O'Malley 2012

      Book Required Read Introduction Chapter pp. 1-37.

  8. Week 8; Development Education 2 items
    1. Re-thinking aid relationships in Pacific education - Kabini Sanga, Victoria University of Wellington. He Parekereke, University of the South Pacific. Institute of Education 2005

      Book Required Read only Chapter 1

    2. Living and leaving a legacy of hope: stories by new generation Pacific leaders - Kabini Sanga, Cherie Chu, Victoria University of Wellington. He Parekereke 2009

      Book Required Read Chapter by Billy Fitoo, pp. 23-42.

  9. Week 9: Who is my Neighbour? Ethnicity and Ethnic Relationships in Aotearoa New Zealand 1 item
  10. Week 10: Local, Global and Glocal Education 1 item
  11. Week 11: Pacific Education in Aotearoa New Zealand 5 items
    1. Tok piksa of Leadership Pacific: as seen through students' eyes - Cherie Chu, Fuapepe Rimoni, Kabini Sanga, Leadership Pacific (Organization) 2011

      Book Required Read Chapter 30 by Sanga and Sanga, pp. 115-132.

    2. New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies - jude MacArthur, Gill Rutherford


    3. Weaving Education Theory and Practice in Oceania

      Book Required Read Chapter 4 Vaioleti and Morrison, pp. 56-73.

    4. Educational ideas from Oceania: selected readings - Konai Helu Thaman, University of the South Pacific. Institute of Education, University of the South Pacific. UNESCO Chair of Teacher Education and Culture c2003

      Book Required Read Teaero, T. Indigenous Education in Kiribati, pp.106-115.

  12. Week 12: Gathering shells and Hunting sharks: Education that Sustains People 2 items
    1. Of waves, winds and wonderful things: a decade of rethinking Pacific education 2014

      Book Required Read chapter by Randolph Thaman, Asakaia Balawa & T. Fong, pp.163-184.