This list relates to the trimester Trimester 1 2019 which ended on 29/06/2019
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  1. Workshops-Tutorials 13 items
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    1. Workshop 1 2 items
      1. The “It” Factor - Gary Stix 2014-8-19

        Article Required Scientific American article by G. Stix on differences between humans and other primates.

      2. What Makes Us Different? - Katherine S. Pollard 2012

        Article Required

    2. Workshop 2 - Communications Assessment 4 items
      Four overview papers for the communications exercise. You are required to read all four papers AND to research additional papers from which you will select two. This will give you a total of 6 papers to use in your Communications Assessment Exercise. You need to make notes about the key points for each paper and then summarise these points into an A4 page (2-sided) which you bring with you for the communication assessment as it is open-book.
      1. The Raw and the Stolen - Richard W. Wrangham, James Holland Jones, Greg Laden, David Pilbeam 12/1999


      2. Cognitive capacities for cooking in chimpanzees - Felix Warneken, Alexandra G. Rosati 22/06/2015


    3. Workshop 3 Monogamy 2 items
      Please read these papers before you come to the workshop
      1. articles_2006_15_2 - Odsjek za psihologiju - Filozofski fakultet u Rijeci

        Article  Click on the article by Buss D with the title 'Strategies of Human Mating"

    4. Workshop 4 Beards 1 item
      1. Beards augment perceptions of menʼs age, social status, and aggressiveness, but not attractiveness - Dixson, Barnaby J ; Vasey, Paul L 2012

        Article Required Required reading on effect of beard

    5. Workshop 5 Sex and Ethics 4 items
      1. Can a collapse of global civilization be avoided? - Ehrlich, P.R. ; Ehrlich, A.H. 2013

        Article Supplementary Discusses the size of the world population and the resources needed to sustain that population

      2. Abnormal Sex Ratios in Human Populations: Causes and Consequences - Hesketh, Therese ; Xing, Zhu Wei ; Therese Hesketh ; Zhu Wei Xing 2006

        Article Supplementary

      3. Male contraception - Amory, John K. 2016

        Article Recommended Recommended reading

      4. Tomorrow's children - Hayden, Erika 2016

        Article Supplementary Optional reading. Discusses genetic testing of embryos and gene therapy

  2. Under "Student Note", cc stands for copyright, some of the listed references for lectures are listed for cc purposes (eg a figure was used from a paper etc) so please ignore these

  3. Pfeffer's Lectures 9 items
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    1. Lecture 1 What is sex 4 items
      1. Antibiotic resistance - Collignon, P. J. 2002

        Article  for copyright purpose

      2. The chastity of amoebae: re-evaluating evidence for sex in amoeboid organisms - Lahr, Daniel J. G. ; Parfrey, Laura Wegener ; Mitchell, Edward A. D. ; Katz, Laura A. ; Lara, Enrique 2011

        Article  for copyright

      3. The Deep Roots of Eukaryotes - S. L. Baldauf 13/06/2003

        Article  copyright ref

      4. A paradigm gets shifty - W. Ford Doolittle 1998-3-5

        Article  copyright figure

    2. Lecture 2 Origins of sex 2 items
      1. Biology - Peter H. Raven, George B. Johnson c2002

        Book  cc

      2. Breaking DNA - C. C. Bouuaert, S. Keeney 26/02/2016

        Article  hot off the press

    3. Lecture 3 Cost of sex 3 items
      1. The Evolutionary Enigma of Sex - Otto, Sarah p. 2009

        Article  good paper for cost of sex

      2. Evolution - Nicholas H. Barton c2007

        Book  good discussions on cost of sex, and evolution of sex, recombination etc

      3. Sex speeds adaptation by altering the dynamics of molecular evolution - Michael J. McDonald, Daniel P. Rice, Michael M. Desai 2016-2-24

        Article  Fitness effect of individual mutations shown in yeast, 2016 paper

    4. Lecture 4 0 items
    5. Lecture 5 0 items
    6. Lecture 6 0 items
    7. Lecture 7 0 items
  4. Textbook 1 item
    1. Campbell biology: Australia and New Zealand Edition - Lisa A. Urry 2017

      Book Required

  5. Diane Ormsby's Lectures 25 items
    These papers are for your interest and allow you to read more about the research discussed in the lectures. They are not required reading.
    1. Sexual Selection and the Origins of Human Mating Systems - Alan F. Dixson, Ebooks Corporation 2009 (electronic resource)


    2. Evaluation of the associations between carotid artery atherosclerosis and coronary artery stenosis. A case-control study. - Craven, T E ; Ryu, J E ; Espeland, M A ; Kahl, F R ; Mckinney, W M ; Toole, J F ; Mcmahan, M R ; Thompson, C J ; Heiss, G ; Crouse, J R 1990


    3. Gross Tissue Weights in the Human Body By Cadaver Dissection - J. P. Clarys, A. D. Martin and D. T. Drinkwater 1984


    4. Tall men have more reproductive success - Pawlowski, B. ; Dunbar, R.I.M. ; Lipowicz, A. 2000


    5. Eye-Tracking of Men’s Preferences for Waist-to-Hip Ratio and Breast Size of Women - Dixson, Barnaby ; Grimshaw, Gina ; Linklater, Wayne ; Dixson, Alan 2011


    6. Eye-tracking women’s preferences for men’s somatotypes - Dixson, Barnaby J. ; Grimshaw, Gina M. ; Ormsby, Diane K. ; Dixson, Alan F. 2014


    7. Cross-cultural consensus for waist–hip ratio and women's attractiveness - Singh, Devendra ; Dixson, B.J. ; Jessop, T.S. ; Morgan, B. ; Dixson, A.F. 2010


    8. Cytoskeleton localization in the sperm head prior to fertilization. - Dvoráková, Katerina ; Moore, Harry D M ; Sebková, Natasa ; Palecek, Jirí 2005


    9. Pair-Bonding, Romantic Love, and Evolution - Fletcher, Garth J. O ; Simpson, Jeffry A ; Campbell, Lorne ; Overall, Nickola C 2015


    10. Human Evolution and the Archaeology of the Social Brain - Gowlett, John ; Gamble, Clive ; Dunbar, Robin 2012


    11. Sex redefined - Claire Ainsworth 2015


    12. Sequences homologous to ZFY, a candidate human sex-determining gene, are autosomal in marsupials - Andrew H. Sinclair ; Jamie W. Foster ; James A. Spencer ; David C. Page ; Mark Palmer ; Peter N. Goodfellow ; Jennifer A. Marshall Graves 1988


    13. Association Between Use of Marijuana and Male Reproductive Hormones and Semen Quality: A Study Among 1,215 Healthy Young Men - Gundersen, Tina Djernis ; Jørgensen, Niels ; Andersson, Anna - Maria ; Bang, Anne Kirstine ; Nordkap, Loa ; Skakkebæk, Niels E ; Priskorn, Lærke ; Juul, Anders ; Jensen, Tina Kold 2015


    14. The Insults of Illicit Drug Use on Male Fertility - Fronczak, Carolyn M. ; Kim, Edward D. ; Barqawi, Al B. 2012