1. Trimester One 34 items
    1. Week 2 1 item
      12th March
    2. Week 3 7 items
      19th March
    3. Week 4 1 item
      26th March
      1. Waitangi Tribunal reports | Waitangi Tribunal

        Webpage  Please read "Chapter 5: Findings and Conclusions" of the report on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, WAI2522, Waitangi Tribunal, Wellington, 2016

    4. Week 5 3 items
      9th April
      1. Strategic coupling: East Asian industrial transformation in the new global economy - Henry Wai-Chung Yeung, ProQuest (Firm) 2016

        Book  Read Chapter 3 Strategic Coupling: East Asian Firms in Global Production Networks

    5. Week 6 3 items
      1. Working Papers

        Webpage  Read Higgott, Richard (2016), Regional Worlds, Regional Institutions: Towards the Regional Economic Institutionalisation of East Asia?

    6. Week 7 6 items
      30th April
    7. Week 8 6 items
      7th May
    8. Week 9 2 items
      14th May
      1. New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade "PACER Plus" (2019)

        Webpage Required Consult the text of the PACER Plus agreement (2018). You should look at this main agreement, but you are not expected to go through it in detail or delve into the technical aspects. You are advised instead to work with the MFAT fact sheets and other materials to understand the rationale for the agreement. See the MFAT materials on this link.

      2. New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade "PACER Plus full text" (2019)

        Webpage Supplementary This is the full text of the PACER Plus agreement. You are not expected to look at the detail, but use it alongside the MFAT fact sheets.

    9. Week 10 2 items
      21st May
    10. Week 11 3 items
      28th May
      1. Conclusion: which way to enforcement? : Global Governance of Labour Rights - Edited by Axel Marx, Jan Wouters, Glenn Rayp and Laura Beke 2015


      2. Legal Sanction, International Organisations and the Bangladesh Accord - Richard Croucher, Mark Houssart, Lilian Miles, Philip James 04/04/2019


  2. Trimester Two 15 items
    1. Week 1 1 item
      16th July
      1. Chiefs of Industry: Māori Tribal Enterprise in Early Colonial New Zealand - Hazel Petrie 2006

        Book Required

    2. Week 2 1 item
      23rd July
    3. Week 3 1 item
      30th July
    4. Week 4 1 item
      6th August
      1. Ethical agro-food networks in global peripheries, Part I: The rise and recommodification of fair trade and organics - Simon Bidwell, Warwick E Murray, John Overton 04/2018

        Article  Please click "Click through for Electronic Subscription" and follow directions.

    5. Week 5 3 items
      13th August
    6. Week 6 4 items
      1. Global Governance of Labour Rights - Edited by Axel Marx, Jan Wouters, Glenn Rayp and Laura Beke 2015

        Book Required Relevant reading see PDF for Chapter One: Protecting labour rights in a globalizing world: an introduction

      2. Research Handbook on Transnational Labour Law - Edited by Adelle Blackett and Anne Trebilcock 2015

        Book Required Relevant reading Chapter 23.

    7. Week 8 2 items
      17th September
      1. A Society-Centred Approach to Trade Politics

        Chapter Required

    8. Week 9 2 items
      24th September
      1. The Economics of the TPPA - Barry Coates, Rod Oram, Dr Geoff Bertram, Professor Tim Hazledine 2016

        Article Required