This list relates to the trimester Trimester 2 2019 which does not start until 01/07/2019
  1. General Readings 1 item
    These are the general overview readings for the course and will be referenced throughout the course
    1. Making health policy - Kent Buse, ProQuest (Firm) c2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

  2. Module One: Health Systems 7 items
    1. Briefing to the Incoming Minister of Health, 2017: The New Zealand Health and Disability System: Organisation 07 December 2017

      Webpage Required The diagram on page 2 will be explored in detail in your first tutorial in Week Two starting 15 July. Please make yourself familiar with pages 1-32 which provide further background to what the New Zealand health system comprises.

    2. Contemporary health studies: an introduction - Louise Warwick-Booth, Ruth Cross, Diane Lowcock 2012

      Book Recommended Chapter 11: Policy influences on health will form part of the open book Foundations quiz

    3. Making health policy - Kent Buse, ProQuest (Firm) c2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended See Chapter Five Government and the policy process. This will form part of the open book Foundations Quiz

    4. Public policy in New Zealand: institutions, processes and outcomes - Richard Shaw, Chris Eichbaum 2008

      Book Required Please bring Chapter Five Cabinet and the Prime Minister to your Week Three Tutorial staring 22 July

    5. Social policy in Aotearoa New Zealand - Christine Cheyne, Michael Belgrave, Mike O'Brien 2008

      Book Supplementary Please see Chapter 7: Individualism, Collectivism, and the Recognition of Te Tino Rangatiratanga

  3. Module Two: Health policy 11 items
    1. Health and public policy in New Zealand - Peter Davis, Toni Ashton 2001

      Book Recommended Please read Chapter One: Models and Theories by Tim Tenbensel and Robin Gauld

    2. Making Health Policy - Kent Buse, , Nicholas Mays, , and Gill Walt 2012

      Book Recommended Background for lecture on "how do policy issues get on the agenda"

    3. Making health policy - Kent Buse, ProQuest (Firm) c2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended See Chapter 6 Interest Groups and the Policy Process and pages 195-199 in Chapter Ten Doing Policy Analysis

    4. Policy Analysis and Policy Know-how: A Case Study of Civil Servants in England’s Department of Health - Jo Maybin 27/05/2015

      Article Supplementary For more in-depth insight into what policy advisers actually do

    5. Your guide to using Logic Models

      Document Supplementary This resource gives a lot more detail about logic models in the health sector

    6. Sugar, Rum and Tobacco: Taxes and Public Health in New Zealand - Mike Berridge, Lisa Marriott 2017 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Useful background for Stakeholder Analysis assignment

    7. Assignment 3: Collaborative group project resources 4 items
      1. Extending the prescribing framework to nurses: Lessons from the past - Jill Wilkinson 12/2011

        Article Supplementary Background for Assignment 3: Nurse prescribing topic

      2. 2020 Cannabis Referendum Cabinet Paper

        Webpage Supplementary Background for Assignment 3: Cannabis reform topic

      3. The journey of patient portals in New Zealand general practice: early learn... 2017

        Article Supplementary Background for Assignment 3: Patient portal topic

  4. Module Three: Financing and Organising 7 items
    1. Health, illness and wellbeing: perspectives and social determinants - Pranee Liamputtong, Rebecca Fanany, Glenda Verrinder 2012

      Book Recommended Please see Chapter 18 by Rob Carter:The Economics of Health and Disease

    2. Health Policy - Jacqueline Cumming 2017

      Article Supplementary

    3. Revolving doors: New Zealand's health reforms, the continuing saga - Robin Gauld, Health Services Research Centre (N.Z.), Victoria University of Wellington. Institute of Policy Studies 2009

      Book Supplementary See Chapter 7 The Health Reforms in Operation 1993-1996

    4. Healthcare Management - Kieran Walshe , and Judith Smith 2011

      Book Supplementary See Chapter 3: Financing healthcare: funding systems and healthcare costs

    5. In Search of the Perfect Health System - Mark Britnell 2001

      Book Supplementary See Chapter One: The perfect health system

  5. Module Four: Assessing Health Performance 0 items
  6. EXAM RESOURCE 0 items
    These are the resources for the open book exam