1. Week 1: Orientation 1 item
    Read the Introductory Guide of your textbook which introduces you to core ideas in Human Geography: pp.xv-xxviii
    1. Introducing human geographies / edited by Paul Cloke, Philip Crang and Mark Goodwin. - Cloke, Paul J. 2013

      Book Required Read the introductory Guide of your textbook which introduces you to core ideas in Human Geography: pp.xv-xxviii

  2. Week 2: Starting points 1 item
    No required reading for this week, but browse through the NZ Geographer journal to see the range of topics covered in NZ geography, although of course NZ geographers publish in many other laces too.
    1. Being in the place world: toward a Māori “geographical self” - Brian Murton 02/2012

      Article Required Required reading for Lecture 3

  3. Week 3: Key concepts: society-space; place 1 item
    Textbook: Read Chapters 2 and 17 this week.
  4. Week 4: Key concepts: Human-non-human; North-South 1 item
    Textbook: Chapter 3; and pp. 294-296 (Development Geographies Introduction); and the Williams et. al. reading below for the lecture on Thursday.
    1. Geographies of developing areas: the Global South in a changing world - Glyn Williams, Paula Meth, Katie Willis, Ebooks Corporation 2009 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

  5. Week 5: Development Geographies 1 item
    Textbook: Chapters 20-21
  6. Week 6: Political Geographies 2 items
    Textbook: Chapter 35; and Overton et al (2019), Chapter 3 below.
    1. Aid, Ownership and Development : The Inverse Sovereignty Effect in the Pacific Islands - Overton, JohnMurray, Warwick E.Prinsen, GerardUlu, Avataeao JuniorWrighton, Nicola

      Book Required Read Chapter 3 'Aid in the Pacific Islands: An Overview"

  7. Week 7: Migration Geographies 1 item
    Welcome back! Textbook: Chapters 41 and 45.
    1. Introducing human geographies - ProQuest (Firm) 2013

      Book Required Read chapters 41 and 45 of your textbook

  8. Week 8: Social Geographies 1 item
    This week you will need to read Section 10 of your textbook on "Social Geographies", pp. 623-686. In addition read Chapter 9 from Panelli, R. (2004) Social Geographies: from difference to action.
    1. Social geographies: from difference to action - Ruth Panelli, ebrary, Inc 2004 (electronic resource)

      Book Required Read Chapter 9 in preparation for your tutorial.

  9. Week 9: Cultural Geographies 2 items
    This week read Chapter 16 of your textbook and in addition read Chapter 5 of Anderson, J. (2010) Understanding Cultural Geography: Places and Traces, below.
    1. Understanding cultural geography: places and traces - Jon Anderson 2010

      Book Required Read Chapter 5 in preparation for your tutorial.

  10. Week 10: Urban Geographies 1 item
    This week, read Chapters 46-47 of your textbook.
  11. Week 11: Rural Geographies 2 items
    This week read Chapter 48 of your textbook, "Ruralities". In addition, read Chapter 11 'Rural Worlds' by Warwick Murray in Daniels (2008).
    1. An introduction to human geography: issues for the 21st century - P. W. Daniels 2008

      Book Required Read chapter 11 “Rural Worlds” by Warwick Murray (pp. 237- 255).

  12. Week 12: Revision 0 items
    Reading for this week are your notes from the course . . . .
  13. Theories of development | Global development | The Guardian

    Webpage Required Some useful summaries of key ideas in development thinking. Background reading for Tutorial 4.