1. Ethics and Business - Kevin Gibson 2007

    Book Required Gibson, K. (2007). Ethics and business: an introduction. New York: Cambridge University Press. INCLUDES ALL TEXTBOOK CHAPTERS.

  2. Insights from ethical theory - Kevin Gibson


  3. Moral issues in business - William H. Shaw 2016

    Book  This book is a good back-up for the textbook, and useful for assignments. It will also be referred to in some lectures. Lecture 2: See Chapter 2, Normative theories of ethics. This textbook is a good general reference on organisations and ethics, with some useful regional examples. It is online in our library as well as in hard copy in the library. Shaw, W., Barry, V., Issa, T., Catley, B, & Muntean, D. ( 2016). Moral issues in business. 3rd Asia-Pacific ed. Melbourne: Cengage.

  4. Moral ground: ethical action for a planet in peril - Kathleen Dean Moore, Michael P. Nelson, EBSCOhost ©2010

    Book  For Week 2 and Weeks 9-10. See: Moore, K. & Nelson, M. (2011). Introduction: Towards a global consensus for ethical action. In K. Moore & M. Nelson (Eds.) Moral ground: Ethical action for a planet in peril (pp. xv-xxiv). Trinity University Press, San Antonio, TX.

  5. Catriona MacLennan: When 'ethics' hurt careers

    Webpage Recommended Used for Week 3: Responsibility. Maclennan, Catriona. (2018, March 2). When ‘ethics’ hurt careers. newsroom. Retrieved from:

  6. Human rights and ethical considerations for a tobacco-free generation

    Document Recommended van der Eijk Y, Porter G. (2015) Human rights and ethical considerations for a tobacco-free generation. Tob Control, 24(3):238-242. doi: 10.1136/tobaccocontrol-2013-051125

  7. Why the e-cigarette industry needs global regulations - Tanusree Jain January 30, 2018 9.54am AEDTJanuary 30, 2018 9.54am AEDT

    Article Recommended Week 4: Autonomy

    1. Chapter 3: The treatment of animals

      Chapter  Kovach, V. (2017). The treatment of animals. In Chadwick, S. (Ed.), How should we live?: Everyday ethics in Aotearoa New Zealand (pp. 71-95). Auckland: Massey University Press.

    2. Chapter 8: The Environment

      Chapter  Chadwick, S. (2017). The environment. In Chadwick, S. (Ed.), How should we live?: Everyday ethics in Aotearoa New Zealand (pp. 196-220). Auckland: Massey University Press. (Talis)

  9. Wise Up: Creating Organizational Wisdom Through an Ethic of Kaitiakitanga - Chellie Spiller, Edwina Pio, Lijijana Erakovic, Manuka Henare 12/2011

    Article  Reading for Week 10: Environment 2: Spiller, C.; Pio, E.; Erakovic, L.; Henare, M. (2011). Wise up: creating organizational wisdom through an ethic of Kaitiakitanga. Journal of Business Ethics, 104(2), 223-235.

  10. Managing ethics and legal compliance: What works and what hurts - Linda Klebe TrevinoWeaver, Gary RGibson, David GBarbara Ley Toffler Winter 1999

    Article Required Reading Week 11: Trevino, L. K., Weaver, G. R., Gibson, D. G., & Toffler, B. L. (1999). Managing ethics and legal compliance: What works and what hurts. California Management Review, 41(2), 131- 151.

  11. Ethical Leadership: Opportunities and Challenges for NZ | School of Management | Victoria University of Wellington

    Webpage Required Reading Week 11: Brian Picot Chair in Ethical Leadership (2018) Ethical leadership: Opportunities and Challenges for Aotearoa New Zealand. Wellington: VUW. Pages 6-22 Retrieved 28.5.19 from