1. Textbook 2 items
    1. Psychology - Lorelle J. Burton, Drew Westen, Robin M. Kowalski, ProQuest 2019

      Book Required Please note only 3 users that can access this resource at one time. If you are unsuccessful, please try again or consult the print copy.

    2. Psychology: Fifth Australia New Zealand edition - Lorelle Burton, Drew Weston, Robin Kowalski 2018

      Book Required Readings from this book will be given by lecturers during lectures or labs- make sure to check the slides and/or your notes for specific pages required for each topic.

  2. RPE 1 and Uncle Badger readings 4 items
    Read all three of these to prepare for your RPE. These are also the readings you should refer to in Uncle Badge (assignment 1)
    1. Personological evaluation of Clance's Imposter Phenomenon scale in a Korean sample - Joon-Ho Chae, Ralph L. Piedmont, Barry K. Estadt, Robert J. Wicks 1995

      Article Required

    2. Most people are not WEIRD - Joseph Henrich, Steven J. Heine, Ara Norenzayan 2010-7-1

      Article Recommended Something to bare in mind for your limitations...

  3. Colleen Ward's lecture readings 4 items
    1. Cultural psychology - Steven J. Heine 2016

      Book Required Pages 299-344 are required reading

  4. Louise Dixon's lecture readings 1 item
  5. IPRP readings 13 items
    1. You're Having Fun When Time Flies: The Hedonic Consequences of Subjective Time Progression - Aaron M. Sackett, Tom Meyvis, Leif D. Nelson, Benjamin A. Converse and Anna L. Sackett 2010


    2. Social Loafing in a Co-operative Classroom Task - Adrian C. North, P. Alex Linley, David J. Hargreaves 12/2000


    3. Positive Psychology: FAQs - Martin E. P. Seligman and James O. Pawelski 2003


    4. The Pervasive Problem With Placebos in Psychology - Walter R. Boot, Daniel J. Simons, Cary Stothart, Cassie Stutts 07/2013


    5. The Pursuit of Status in Social Groups - Cameron Anderson, Gavin J. Kilduff 10/2009