This list relates to the trimester Trimester 1 + 2 + 3 2018 which ended on 24/02/2019
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  1. Setting the Scene: Evidence and Its Challenges 9 items
    Session A in Module 1 (Wellington) and Day 1 (APAD)
    1. Three Lenses of Evidence-Based Policy - Brian W. Head 03/2008

      Article Supplementary

    2. Evidence, argument, and persuasion in the policy process - Giandomenico Majone c1989

      Book Supplementary pages 42-68

  2. Working with existing information 9 items
    Session B in Module 1 (Wellington) and Day 1 (APAD)
    1. What Counts as Good Evidence? - Sandra Nutley, Alison Powell, Huw Davies 2013

      Document Required

    2. Training : The Campbell Collaboration

      Webpage Supplementary The Campbell Collaboration. Various online resources, especially the first two videos

    3. Realist synthesis: RAMESES training materials - Geoff Wong, Gill Westhorp, Ray Pawson, Trish Greenhalgh 2013

      Document Recommended

    4. The RAMESES projects.

      Webpage Supplementary Various online resources for realist research approaches

  3. Getting Information from People 5 items
    Session C Module 1 (Wellington) and Session C Day 1 (APAD)
  4. Understanding Statistics and Analysing Secondary Data 5 items
    Sessions A and B for Module 2 (Wellington) and Day 2 (APAD)
    1. Comparative policy studies: conceptual and methodological challenges - Isabelle Engeli, Christine Rothmayr Allison, Ebooks Corporation 2014

      Book Required Read (pp. 109–130).

    2. What is the P-value anyway? - Gale, R PZhang, M-j Nov 2016

      Article Required

  5. Collecting Primary Data 5 items
    Session C Module 2 (Wellington) and Day 2 (APAD)
  6. Interpreting Statistics 3 items
    Session D Module 2 (Wellington) and Day 2 (APAD)
    1. Research skills for policy and development: how to find out fast - Alan Thomas, Giles Mohan, Open University 2007

      Book Required Thinking with quantitative data, Chapter by Mukherjee and Wuyts, pp 231-253

  7. Evidence Complications: Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity 7 items
    Session A Module 3 (Wellington) and Session A Day 4 (APAD)
    1. Uncertainty: a guide to dealing with uncertainty in quantitative risk and policy analysis - M. Granger Morgan, Max Henrion, Mitchell Small 1990

      Book Supplementary pages 47-72

    2. Complexity, institutions and public policy: agile decision-making in a turbulent world - Graham Room, Ebooks Corporation c2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Supplementary

  8. Protecting the future 5 items
    Session B Module 3 (Wellington only)
    1. Governing the future - UK House of Commons Public Affairs Select Committee

      Document Recommended

  9. Policy Argument, Claims and Reporting 8 items
    Session C Module 3 (Wellington) and Session A Day 3 (APAD) Session C Module 3 (Wellington) and Session A Day 3 (APAD)
    1. Chapter 8: Developing policy arguments

      Chapter Required Chapter 8 - Developing policy arguments - pp.377-385; pp.414-417 Get these pages digitised?

    2. Doctrines and persuasion in administrative argument - Christopher Hood, M. W. Jackson c1991

      Chapter Required

    3. A Narrative Policy Framework: Clear Enough to Be Wrong? - Michael D. Jones, Mark K. McBeth 05/2010

      Article Required

    4. The Intersection of Narrative Policy Analysis and Policy Change Theory - Mark K. McBeth, Elizabeth A. Shanahan, Ruth J. Arnell, Paul L. Hathaway 02/2007

      Article Recommended

    5. The Proverbs of Administration - Herbert A. Simon 24/1946

      Article Recommended

  10. Futures Methods 0 items
    Session D Module 3 (Wellington) and Session B Day 3 (APAD)