1. Module 1: Required readings 14 items
    1. Topic 1

    2. Wellbeing and Policy - Gus O'Donnell et al

      Document Required Read especially chapter 1 - for Module 1

    3. Report of the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress - Joseph Stiglitz, Amartya Sen, J Fitoussi 2009

      Document Required Read chapter 2 (required). The Executive Summary is highly recommended.

    4. Topic 2


      Article Required Review of Income and Wealth 64(2), 245-269.

    6. World Happiness Report 2015 - Helliwell et al

      Document Recommended

    7. Relative income, subjective wellbeing and the Easterlin paradox: Intra- and inter-national comparisons - Arthur Grimes, Marc Reinhardt

      Document  This is the working paper version (with a different title) of the recommended (about to be published) book chapter.

    8. Income or Consumption: Which Better Predicts Subjective Well-Being? - Thomas Carver, Arthur Grimes 11/03/2019

      Article  Review of Income and Wealth, forthcoming.

    9. Topic 3

    10. Happiness-based policy analysis - Daniel Fujiwara, Paul Dolan

      Webpage  Chapter 10 of Oxford Handbook of Well-being and Public Policy (eds:) Adler & Fleurbaey. 2016.

    11. A simple statistical method for measuring how life events affect happiness - Andrew Clark, Andrew Oswald

      Webpage  International Journal of Epidemiology 31, 1139-1144.

  2. Module 2 2 items
    1. Topic 4 2 items
      1. How's Life? Measuring Well-being - OECD 2011

        Book Required Read chapter 1: Overview (plus other parts that interest you).

      2. Topic 5 1 item
        1. How's Life? Measuring Well-being - OECD 2011

          Book Required Read chapter 6. See Topic 1 (above) for the link to the book.

  3. Module 3 10 items
    1. Topic 6


    2. How's Life in Your Region? | READ online - OECD

      Webpage Required This is an online resource

    3. The Impact of Modern Economic Growth on Urban–Rural Differences in Subjective Well-Being - Richard A. Easterlin, Laura Angelescu, Jacqueline S. Zweig 12/2011

      Article Required

    4. Topic 7


    5. Wellbeing: A Complete Reference Guide - Arthur Grimes, Les Oxley, Nicholas Tarrant

      Book Required See Volume 5, Part 1, No.4.: "Does Money Buy Me Love? Testing Alternative Measures of National Well-being".

  4. All modules: Topic 8 + selection of recommended readings 11 items
    1. Measuring and Assessing Well-being in Israel - OECD

      Webpage Required Key findings pdf downloadable at:

    2. Human Happiness and the Pursuit of Maximization: Is More Always Better? - Jan Delhey, SpringerLink (Online service), C Kroll 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended See chapter 14 by Delhey & Kroll: 'A Happiness Test for the New Measures of National Well-being"

    3. Choosing Dimensions: The Capability Approach and Multidimensional Poverty - Sabina Alkire

      Chapter Recommended For the direct url, see: