1. Week One 3 items
    1. Understanding Australia's Neighbours - Nick Knight 2004

      Book Required Lecture 1 reading: Chapter 2 "Tradition and Modernity in East and Southeast Asia: The family"

    2. Routledge handbook of Japanese culture and society - Victoria Lyon-Bestor, Theodore C. Bestor, Akiko Yamagata 2011

      Book Required Lecture 2 reading: Chapter Ten - Merry White. Change and Diversity in the Japanese Family

  2. Week Two 4 items
    1. Contemporary Japan : History, Politics, and Social Change since the 1980s - Kingston, Jeff 2012

      Book Required Lecture 3 reading: Chapter 2 ‘The Lost Decade’

    2. The Changing Faces of Inequality in South Korea in the Age of Globalization - Hagen Koo 2007

      Article Required Lecture 4 and Week 3 Tutorial Reading

  3. Week Three 8 items
    1. North Korea confidential: private markets, fashion trends, prison camps, dissenters and defectors - Daniel Tudor, James Pearson, Ebooks Corporation 2015

      Book Required Lecture 5 reading.

    2. Sprouts of Environmentalism in China? - Peter Ho

      Chapter Required Lecture 6 reading.

    3. Talking Climate Change Through Art and China, Public Knowledge: - Annie Malcolm and Rachelle Reichert 2019

      Webpage Recommended

  4. Week Four 7 items
    1. The Paradoxes of Rural-Urban Inequality in Contemporary China - Martin Whyte

      Chapter Required Lecture 7 reading.

    2. Understanding contemporary China - Robert E. Gamer 2012

      Chapter Required Tutorial reading: the introduction, pp. 1-12.

    3. Introduction - Robert E. Garner

      Chapter Required Tutorial Reading

  5. Week Five 4 items
    1. Introduction: Why Hong Kong? - Gary W. McDonogh, Cindy H. Wong 2005

      Chapter Required Lecture 9 reading.

    2. Hong Kong Endgame - Lee Yee 05/07/2019

      Webpage Required

    3. Student Protest and Student Life: Shanghai, 1919 - 1949 - Jeffrey Wasserstrom and Liu Xinyong 30/05/2008

      Article Required Lecture 10 reading. The article was first published in early 1989

  6. Week Six 2 items
    1. Cambodia in 2017 - Aurel Croissant 01/01/2018

      Webpage Required Lecture 11 reading.

    2. The Dinner Guests - Putsata Reang 2004

      Article Recommended

  7. Week Seven 7 items
    1. Mediums, monks, and amulets: Thai popular Buddhism today - Phatthanā Kitiʻāsā 2012

      Book Recommended read Chapter 2: Beyond Syncretism, pp. 11-34

  8. Week Eight 5 items
    1. Islamization in Malaysia: processes and dynamics - Jason P. Abbott, Sophie Gregorios-Pippas 06/2010

      Article Recommended

    2. The Fastest Changing Place on Earth 2012

      Audio-visual document Supplementary A BBC documentary; no longer viable unless purchased

  9. Week Nine 3 items
    1. Queer Bangkok and the Millennium: Beyond Twentieth-Century Paradigms - Jackson, Peter A. 2011

      Chapter Required Read Chapter 1 "Queer Bangkok and the Millennium", pp. 1-14.

    2. Routledge Advances in Asia-Pacific Studies : Environment, Education and Society in the Asia-Pacific : Local Traditions and Global Discourses (1) - Fien, John, Sykes, Helen, Yencken, David 2003

      Book Required Lily Kong et al. “Unity and Diversity: South East Asia” (Chapter 6)

  10. Week Ten 6 items
    1. Asia's Transformations : Ethnicity in Asia (1) - Mackerras, Colin 2003

      Chapter Required Read van Klinken, Gerry (2003). “Ethnicity in Indonesia” (Chapter 4) pp. 64-87

    2. How Universal is the Concept of Multilingualism? Minority Language Speakers in Eastern Indonesia" In Words in motion: language and discourse in post-new order Indonesia - Keith Foulcher, Mikihiro Moriyama, Manneke Budiman, Tōkyō Gaikokugo Daigaku. Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA) c2012

      Chapter Recommended

    3. Addressing the Rohingya Problem - N. Kipgen 01/04/2014

      Article Recommended

  11. Week Eleven 10 items
    1. Territorial and Maritime Boundary Disputes in Asia - M. Taylor Fravel

      Chapter Required The beginning up to and including Section 27.2 is required. The rest may be skimmed. Download the full pdf from the button at the bottom of the link here.

    2. Korean National Identity, Civic Activism and the Dokdo/Takeshima Territorial Dispute - A. Bukh 21/06/2016

      Article Recommended You can skim the section on the history of the Dokdo/Takeshima dispute. It is very useful for understanding the contemporary context, but you won't be expected to know this material in detail.

    3. Culture Is Destiny: A Conversation with Lee Kuan Yew - Fareed Zakaria, Lee Kuan Yew 1994

      Article Recommended

  12. Week Twelve 3 items
    1. Asia on tour: exploring the rise of Asian tourism - Tim Winter, Peggy Teo, T. C. Chang 2009

      Book Required

  13. Chinese society: change, conflict and resistance - Elizabeth J. Perry, Mark Selden 2010

    Chapter Recommended Read the introduction, pp. 1-22

  14. Critical issues in contemporary China - Czeslaw Tubilewicz 2006

    Chapter Required Read "Ethnic Minorities" by Colin MacKerras, pp. 167-192.

  15. Youth, society and mobile media in Asia - Stephanie Donald, Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson, Damien Spry 2010

    Book Recommended

  16. Cambodia in 2017 - Aurel Croissant 01/01/2018

    Webpage Required