1. Week 1: What is Musicology? 3 items
    1. Music in European thought, 1851-1912 - Bojan Bujic 1988

      Book Recommended Pages 348–354: Adler, "The Scope, method, and aim of musicology"

    2. On Behalf of Musicology - Waldo S. Pratt 1915

      Article Supplementary

  2. Week 2: (Re)defining Musicology and Postmodernism 7 items
    1. 'Gender, musicology and feminism' - Chapter of Rethinking music - Suzanne Cusick

      Chapter Required Read the first part of the chapter, up to p. 477. (We'll look at the second part later in the course.)

    2. Contemplating music: challenges to musicology - Kerman, Joseph, c1985.

      Book Required Pages 11–30: Introduction

    3. Europea: Ethnomusicologies and Modernities : The New (Ethno)musicologies - Stobart, Henry, Baily, John, Bigenho, Michelle 2008

      Book Required Nicholas Cook, "We are All (Ethno)musicologists Now"

    4. Chapters 1 and 2 of Understanding Foucault

      Chapter Supplementary Pages 1–29: "Introduction to Michel Foucault's work and contexts"

    5. Writing and difference - Jacques Derrida 1978

      Book Supplementary Pages 278–293: "Structure, Sign and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences"

  3. Week 3: Historiography of Western Art Music 7 items
    1. Musicology: the key concepts - David Beard, Kenneth Gloag c2005

      Book Recommended Pages 82–84: "Historiography"

    2. Foundations of music history - Dahlhaus, Carl, c1983.

      Book Required Pages 1–33: "Foreword, Chapter I, Chapter II". Read up to at least page 25.

    3. The Dahlhaus Project and Its Extra-Musicological Sources - James Hepokoski 04/1991

      Article Recommended Pages 244–246: "Appendix: An Overview of the Dahlhaus Project". This text is not 'required'. You may, however, find the summary of Dahlhaus's approach in the Appendix helpful in framing the Foundations of Music History reading.

    4. Music in renaissance magic: toward a historiography of others - Gary Tomlinson 1993

      Book Required Pages 1–20: "Approaching Others"

    5. Introduction: The History of What? : Music from the Earliest Notations to the Sixteenth Century

      Webpage Required "Introduction: The History of What" from The Oxford History of Western Music

    6. Review: Monumental Musicology - Review by: Gary Tomlinson 2007

      Article Required Read at least up to page 362 ('Presentism'), and then from 'Agency' (p. 372) to the end.

    7. Chapter 6: Music historiography as a braided river: The case of New Zealand - Martin Lodge

      Chapter Required The chapter is in Section II of the book.

  4. Week 4: Work Concept 9 items
    1. Ontology - Roger Scruton

      Chapter Required Pages 108–117: "The Identity of the Musical Work". (Scroll down to p.108).

    2. Musical Production Without the Work‐Concept - Lydia Goehr

      Chapter Required Pages 176–207: "Musical Production Without the Work-Concept" AND the first three pages of "After 1800: The Beethoven Paradigm"

    3. Chapters 6 ("Looking back at ourselves") and 11 ("The problems of dating") - Reinhard Strohm Lydia Goehr

      Chapter Required Chapter 6 is a response to Goehr's book, and Chapter 11 is Goehr's response to that critique.

    4. History, imagination, and the performance of music - Peter Walls 2003

      Book Supplementary Pages 145–165: "Legislating for inspiration"

    5. Postscript - Laurence Dreyfus

      Chapter Supplementary

  5. Week 5: Approaches to Performance 6 items
    1. The cultural study of music: a critical introduction - Martin Clayton, Trevor Herbert, Richard Middleton 2012

      Book Required Nicholas Cook, "Music as Performance"

    2. Shadows in the Field - Barz, Gregory F., Cooley, Timothy J. 2008

      Book Required Deborah Wong, "From Performance to Performative Ethnography and Back Again"

    3. Music—Drastic or Gnostic? - Carolyn Abbate 03/2004

      Article Required

    4. Boccherini’s Body : An Essay in Carnal Musicology (1) - Le Guin, Elisabeth, Le Guin, Elisabeth 2005

      Book Required Read Introduction AND Chapter 1

  6. Week 6: Canon 7 items
    1. Canon (iii) - Jim Samson

      Article Required

    2. Cultural Dialogics and Jazz: A White Historian Signifies - Gary Tomlinson 2002

      Article Required Focus in particular on pp. 82-91, which deal directly with canon.

    3. Canon formation and the postmodern condition (in Section IV) - Kenneth Gloag

      Chapter Required In section IV of Critical Music Historiography, ed. Kurkela and Markus.

  7. Week 7: Reception Studies 6 items
    1. Beethoven, Symphony no. 9 - Cook, Nicholas, c1993.

      Book Required Pages 93–105

    2. Musicology: the key concepts - David Beard, Kenneth Gloag c2005

      Book Recommended "Reception"

    3. Image, music, text - Roland Barthes, Stephen Heath 1988, c1977

      Book Required "The Death of the Author"

    4. Rethinking music - Nicholas Cook, Mark Everist 1999

      Book Required "Reception theories, canonic discourses, and musical value"

  8. Week 8: Analysis in Context 6 items
    1. Rethinking music - Nicholas Cook, Mark Everist 1999

      Book Required Jim Samson, "Analysis in Context"

    2. Analyzing opera: Verdi and Wagner - Carolyn Abbate, Roger Parker, Cornell Verdi-Wagner Conference c1989

      Book Required Pages 1–5: "Introduction"

    3. Analyzing Popular Music - Moore, Allan F. 2003

      Book Required Robert Walser, "Popular music analysis: ten apothegms and four instances"

  9. Week 9: Gender and feminism 5 items
    1. Music and Sexuality 12/2013

      Article Required Focus on Peraino, "The Same but different" and Cusick, "Response: This song's for you"

    2. 'Gender, musicology and feminism'

      Chapter Required The link to this text appears in the folder for week 1, where we considered the first pages. Now read the whole chapter.

  10. Week 10: Nationalism 5 items
    1. Nationalism - Richard Taruskin

      Article Required Read the whole webpage (numbers 1 through 15)

    2. Focus: music, nationalism, and the making of the new Europe - Philip V. Bohlman, Philip Vilas Bohlman 2011

      Book Required "Music and Nationalism: Why do we Love to Hate Them?"

  11. Week 11: Musical Identities—Whose Music? 4 items
    1. Music and the racial imagination - Ronald Michael Radano, Philip V. Bohlman c2000

      Book  "Introduction: Music and Race, Their Past, Their Presence"

    2. Musicians from a different shore: Asians and Asian Americans in classical music - Mari Yoshihara, ProQuest (Firm) 2007 (electronic resource)

      Book Required Read Chapter 'A voice of one's own' (pp. 187-224)