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Advanced Latin Literature LATI301 Course
Advanced Latin Literature LATI302 Course
ARTH304: The Planetary Turn ARTH304 Course
Complicating Resistance SOSC317 Course
Experimental Research Methods PSYC242 Course
Faculty of Law / Te Kauhanganui Tātai Ture FAC06 Faculty
Kāpuhipuhi Wellington Uni-Professional WUPL Institution
Midwifery Practice 6 MIDW306 Course
Other FAC10 Faculty
Sociology of Health and Illness SOSC220 Course
Sustainable and Socially Responsible Business in a Digital World INFM584 Course
TEST Faculty FAC99 Faculty
Toihuarewa FAC08 Faculty
Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation / Te Wāhanga Waihanga-Hoahoa FAC01 Faculty
Wellington Faculty of Education / Te Whānau o Ako Pai FAC02 Faculty
Wellington Faculty of Engineering / Te Wāhanga Ahunui Pūkaha FAC03 Faculty
Wellington Faculty of Graduate Research / Te Here Tāura Rangahau FAC04 Faculty
Wellington Faculty of Health / Te Wāhanga Tātai Hauora FAC11 Faculty
Wellington Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences / Te Wāhanga Aronui FAC05 Faculty
Wellington Faculty of Science / Te Wāhanga Pūtaiao FAC07 Faculty
Wellington School of Business and Government / Orauariki FAC09 Faculty

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